Elephant Tapestries?

There seems so be a ridiculous ‘tapestry trend’ sweeping across social media at the moment, with everyone and their mother getting themselves a tapestry. Being a traditionalist when it comes to home design, I have always found tapestries far too exotic for my taste. I did however, decide to give them a chance and had a look for some online.

I found this website called Toptapestries which is totally dedicated to tapestries. After browsing around them for a while I started to perhaps understand the appeal. Some of the designs on them are actually very cool. While still not to my taste, I can certainly understand the appeal to younger generations. These elephant wall tapestries are really quite gorgeous and I may perhaps purchase one for my wife’s Christmas.


I really like this tapestry and it is the one that has perhaps converted me into a fan. The thing I like about it is that it’s essentially a huge photograph. If you were to print this image as a photograph at the same size it would cost you a fortune but a tapestry is far cheaper and more durable.

I would love to hear your experience with tapestries because I’m still not 100% convinced. I think I may just buy a cheap one to see how it looks in the house and if it’s crap, then no big deal. Society6 have a nice wide variety of tapestries but they are a bit more expensive. I would perhaps be better buying one from Amazon.

My nephew actually has one in his room now I come to think of it and it does look very nice. He has created a space style theme and the tapestry is the sort of centre piece to the whole theme. Perhaps I could create something like this for my wife, she loves elephants and animals in general. It could be part of her Xmas present!



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