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Yudu Screen Printer

The Yudu silkscreen printer machine is an all-in-one do it yourself system to make t-shirts and more.
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 The Yudu screen printing kit allows you to create your own t-shirts, sweatshirts and more with their self contained screen printer.   The Yudu screen printing system allows you to print on wood, fabric, paper, and glass.

How The Yudu Screen Printer Works

The device looks a bit like a cross between a flat bed scanner and printer. The videos really explain how the Yudu screen printer works best. 


Essentially, you create or print out your art work on a transparency sheet.  Then you put a sheet of photo sensitive emulsion on the screen and expose it to light in the machine.  After 8 minutes in the machine, you can wash away the emulsion (with water in the sink) that was blocked by the printed area.  You can pop the exposed and washed screen back into the machine to dry with the dryer mode. 

Drying the screen with emulsion attached can take quite a bit longer than advertised. 

Next, you put the t-shirt, or whatever you are printing on, under the screen on top of the machine.  You apply your ink over the top of the screen with a squeegee.  You can then pull out the painted-on-item and let the ink dry.  The final stage is to use something like an iron to set the ink permanently.

Cool things about Yudu Screen Printing:

  • Print multiple colors- just let the previous layers of ink dry.
  • Use artwork provided in the kit or create your own.  There are tips online for using Photoshop to create layers.
  • The ink is water soluble & non-toxic

The following Yudu how-to video is a seven parter that walks you through the entire process nicely.


Yudu Screen Printing Complaints

 The main problems with the screen printer seem to be mostly about technique in the beginning stage of learning to use it.  Issues include cleaning the emulsion off of the screen afterward.  Another complaint was getting the right amount of water on the screen to begin with.  If you use too much water it can take a really long time to dry, but too little can make it more difficult to get a nice even adherence of the emulsion sheet to the screen.  You want a good bond to get good ink coverage on the piece you are printing on.


Someone mentioned that you should buy some emulsion remover when you buy it because it was not in the kit and would basically prevent you from enjoying it right away.


Several Yudu screen printer owners complained about how long the screen took to dry with emulsion on.  The normal 20 minutes seemed to be more like 40 plus minutes.

The number one complaint about the screen printing kit, by far, was the poor quality of the instruction manual

.  Many said to just watch online videos to see how to use it.


If you have purchased or used the Yudu screen printing system please add your product reviews and tips for creating better screen printed work.

Yudu Screen Printer Reviews

Review the infomercial product.


Posted by Tim at Feb 02, 2010 08:15 AM
Well this item is operated with a two step process step #1. apply emulsion sheet.
Step#2. remove emulsion with over priced emulsion remover,its as easy as that and no need to worry about wasted ink with provocraps nocandu screen printer the entire printing step has been removed.


Posted by Diana at Jul 23, 2010 05:57 PM
So I got the machine at Christmas time. Actually I got the free shirt which started the clock ticking on the payment plan I chose even though the machine came 3 weeks later! I did not get the ART disk promised so I called them. I got the run around and even spoke to a supervisor that told me that disk was part of the free gift package and not part of the printer package. I watched the infomercial several times and it was not part of the free gifts! They refused to send the Art disk out. I really wanted the machine as I too have the GOCO and wanted to continue screen printing. I have paid on it for 6 months as of June, the full contract according to my agreement. They were quick to ding my credit card and even tried to ding it at the beginning of each month even thought It was the 13th before I got any part of the package.......6 months have gone by and on the 13th of each month they have charged my card religiously! It is now July and all of a sudden on the 22 I get a charge on my credit card for yet another month @ 57.00! The machine was paid in full as of June!!! I am trying to get others together that have had the same experience with this company as I have had im thinking a class action is in order, this is just ridiculous! contact me if your interested in getting a complaint together. Please put YUDU in the comment section for identification. Thank you


Posted by angela w at Aug 09, 2010 08:58 PM
the same exact thing happened to me, except I was paying 69.09. They charged me an extra 2 payments. I never recieved a statement from the company, so I called the number on my bank statement 888.333.4592 and the guy gave me some song and dance about the billing. But, I asked for a customer service address and I promise it took about ten minutes for him to finally give it to me. I think that the whole thing is a rip-off. The machine is only 178.00 and I have already paid over $400. Who knows they might even try to charge me again next month. I wish I would have seen your post before I purchased mine. To any one thinking about buying this product through the infomercial, buyer beware.


Posted by Anonymous User at Sep 02, 2011 05:55 PM

yudu-buyer beware

Posted by angela at Aug 09, 2010 08:58 PM
I was charged much more than I agreed to pay over the phone. When I tried to contact the company, I was told that I was charge a certain amount and that the first payment was a down payment. So, what was the other extra payment for? A tip? I am still waiting on my statement from the company. I will suggest to anyone interested in the product to beware.

yudu-buyer beware

Posted by Shayne at Aug 23, 2010 04:48 PM
I just got my machine and I love the product. In less than a week I have done so much. However, I had to cancel my order through the TV and buy it at Joann's. The first thing was they charged me much more than the said the first payment was going to be. Then it took over 2 weeks of waiting and I finally called to check on the status of my shipment and was told that they were doing inventory which delayed shipments and I will be shipped the next day. I called because I was expecting a tracking number to be emailed to me which I did not receive and then my account was charged a second time. (so now I am down $194.60) I called to find out the reason for the 2nd charge and I was told that the first was a hold and now they are getting ready to ship, this is the actualy charge. Apparently they still had not yet shipped the machine. I asked that it be cancelled and this was a song and dance, but finally they said the order was cancelled. I went that afternoon and bought my machine from Joann's. My recommendation would be to skip the TV and purchase it out right from a local retailer.

Buyer Beware - It is a ripoff

Posted by Shayne at Aug 23, 2010 04:48 PM
At this point I am so frustrated with these TV people. It's been 3 weeks and charges of $194.60. First I was charged $97.30 when I was told $62. When I called, I was told "oops" we forgot to mention there are taxes of the entire cost of the product. OK. Two weeks later I call to followup on the status of my shipment and was told it did not ship yet because they were doing inventory and it will be shipped tomorrow and they will email me a tracking number. I asked to cancel the order and was told it was too late as the machine is about to be shipped. Two days later I noticed another charge of $97.30 on my account and called. I was told that this is the actual charge and the first was just a hold (explain that to my bank who already paid the first $97.30). I also learned that the machine still did not ship and they could not give me an estimated time to ship. At that point they offered to cancel the order but someone will have to call me back if it does not go out that evening to cancel. I got this phone call that the order was cancaled because there was a problem with my card (after charging me twice!) Anyway I went the next day and purchased the machine from my local Joann's store. Today, guess what the $194.60 is no longer on hold, both payments were made by my bank. So I called yet again....This time I am told that they did ship the machine and they can not refund my account until it is returned to the warehouse. This drama is ridicules. If you have a way to purchase the machine out right, do so and forget these TV people. and it was much cheaper at Joann's. I paid $299. Which is about $100 cheaper than TV. Everything necessary to get started was included. the free stuff the claim to be included is stuff you probably will never use. In one weekend I made 20 T'shirts, personalized bows, and socks for my daughter's cheerleading squad for camp. I love the product, but the headache from dealing with these people is not worth it!

YuDu screen printer

Posted by Nick Ford at Sep 29, 2010 07:01 AM
I have a YuDu screen printer and it seemed to work fine untill i tried useing White ink on a black shirt! The black from the shirt bleeds threw and the image dosen't come out crisp! Other colors seem fine but white ink on black material doesn't work and of corse thats the one I need the most.

YUDO no do

Posted by Eddie Turner, KC4AWZ at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
Well the first one sort of came out half butt. I follwed the instructions, but I guess I did not get the screen wet enough in one area and too wet in the other. It took three drying cycles to dry it. I did 4 just to be sure. Some of the emulsion took, some of it did not adhere at all. I did get to make a screen. I exposed it and it looked ok in the one area, but half-way down if did not expose. At 10.. per sheet for the emulsion, I think I may opt for the liquid emulsion at 1.00 per sheet ( give or take)

All in all, I am happy with the machine. I do agree with most everyone else that the emulsion remover is quite costly and wish there were larger quantities. I may look for an alternative remover. I am sure there is something out there that will do the same thing. After all, thy are not the innovators of screen printing, only the smart ones who put the YUDO kit together and made it appear simple.

Yudu tips and tricks

Posted by HeidiE at Feb 27, 2011 06:32 PM
We did a ton of research before buying the Yudu and we were prepared to purchase the much needed "add ons" to help us be sucessful.

* The first thing to buy is Speedball liquid emulsion and a scoop coater. The emulsion runs about 20.00 and so does the scoop coater. But you will get about 50+ screens from that 20.00 instead of two. Liquid emulsion is about a billion times easier to use then those emulison sheets and the liquid emulsion burns in the same 8 mins. Also I only coat the area of the screen I need so the emulsion will last even longer.

*Buy screenprinting inks from a local art store. I get mine from Jerry's Artarama and I pay about 5.00 for 8oz and the YUDU inks run 21.00 for 9oz of ink.

* A pro squeegy is a MUST! They are super cheap. Got a 12" one at Jerry's for about 19.00. Worth its weight in gold!

* If you run a shirt and it doesn't turn out just throw it in the washing machine BEFORE you iron it and all the ink will wash off and it will be as good as new. Ask me how I know this...LOL

*It really takes time to figure out how to print light colors on dark shirts..even the pros charge more to do this because its harder. I did a lot of trial and error shirts..see above Before figuring out how to make it

* If you plan on doing more then one t-shirt at a time get more platens. I use the 40 off coupons at Michaels and get them for 11.00.

* Use spray adheasive to "resticky" the planten. The sticky sheets are two for 7.99. A can of spray adheasive is about 3.00 and it goes a long way and lasts a while. It also easily washes off the planten when you are ready.

* Make sure you planten is sticky enough to hold down your shirt so it doesnt shift when you are pulling your ink.

Hope these tips help. We really love our Yudu and use it on a regular basis. Its a great compact machine for the hobbiest.

Yudu tips and tricks

Posted by Vivian at Apr 24, 2011 06:13 PM
I just today got my Yudu...and was searching the internet for instructions on how to use it...I ran across your tips...Thanks!!
Where do you get the Speedball liquid emulsion and scoop?
Also how do you wash off the spray adhesive?
Thank you....need all the help I can get!

Yudu tips and tricks

Posted by Ninette at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
"*It really takes time to figure out how to print light colors on dark shirts..even the pros charge more to do this because its harder. I did a lot of trial and error shirts..see above Before figuring out how to make it"

Do you have any tips for printing bright orange on black? I'm having a heck of a time with this. I tried a white base, I tried adding white to my orange, I used several coats and different brands of ink. Still no luck. I looked above, but couldn't find your other post. Thanks!

Yudu Machine

Posted by Zacchur at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
The instructions are hard to read. To learn how to use the emulsion screen is costly because by the time you get the technique down you have used at least six of the emulsion screens and only one comes with the kit. These screens are 19.99 and only two come for that price. The system does not have all the materials need to complete do everything, so there is a lot of out of pocket cost that are not known. There are no time frames given for how long it takes to drive a shirt one you have completed that process. So beware if you plan to mass produce. For the cost this machine is really only for some in home projects for fun. We bought one as a project for the youth at church and this turned into a costly project. The company should have included more in the original box or gave coupons for the additional supplies.