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Back2Life Machine

The Back2Life machine claims to relieve you back pain in just 12 minutes a day.
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Have you used the Back2Life back pain relief massage device to help reduce your low back pain? The problem of back pain is very widespread. If this device truly worked, it would dramatically improve the lives of countless back pain sufferers.

The pitch is that in 12 minutes a day you can naturally and gently align your spine, increase circulation, improve joint health, and reduce spine compression through the passive muscle motion that you cannot reproduce yourself.

When pain is involved, we will try anything to get relief, possibly spending ridiculous amounts of money for a pain-free solution. Does this product work? Post your review of the Back2Life machine and help others with back pain feel better, or at least save their money for something that will really work.  With a price tag just under $200 through the infomercial offer many people would love to know.

Back2Life Machine Reviews

Review the infomercial product.


Posted by Christine at Sep 01, 2009 07:28 PM
This machine is excellent. Well worth the money! I could barely stand up straight or walk for long before I started using the Back2Life...I've now actually lent it out to people that I know with back pain. They love it and usually only have to use for a couple of days to see complete relief.


Posted by ta reagan at Dec 21, 2009 05:00 PM
machine does not work, a big scam, the pills keep coming and no returns. the attorney general should check on this one.