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Shortcuts To Internet Millions

Is the Jeff Paul's Shortcut To Internet Millions wealth building program a scam?
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A clip from the infomercial.


This program's infomercial is hosted by attractive and scantily clad ladies who appear to be at an upscale event or party.  This as seen on tv wealth building program's commercial is complete with exotic cars and claims that you can easily make massive amounts of money with his internet shortcuts.


The guy in the next video provides a bit of a box opening of Jeff Paul's shortcuts training program, and briefly explains what books and videos come with the system and what topics each basically covers.


The infomercial explains that you can make $100K or more per month by buying their program and implementing the web businesses.

The web is packed with videos claiming Jeff Pauls Shortcuts To Internet Millions is a scam.  The TV show alone suggests that it is less than legitimate simply because there are no specific facts.  Additionally, the commercial's hype is over the top.  Many people have complained about the program.  In fact, there are a number of complaints with the Better Business Bureau about the company, so much so that the BBB gave the Jeff Paul, LLC an F grade.


If you are thinking of buying his program and calling them for consultation/activation of anything (see review video above), it sounds like you might need to be prepared for an up sell effort by the company to convince you to buy coaching services at a cost of thousands of dollars.  Of course, you could just buy this program at Amazon for under $40 and see what you think before you make more of a bigger commitment.  Other consumer complaints included billing and return problems.

Have you purchased the Jeff Paul Shortcuts To Internet Millions program?  What is your review?  Is it a scam or a good tool for learning how to make money online?

Shortcuts To Internet Millions Reviews

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