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Worx GT Trimmer

The Worx GT grass trimmer and edger promises to handle the biggest grass trimming jobs.
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Happy customer review video & demo


The Worx GT lithium battery grass trimmer and edger claims to handle large grass trimming jobs with no gas or electrical cords.  They claim the lithium ion battery powered trimmer and edger can trim three times around a football field with no recharges.

Features of the Worx GT lawn trimmer:

  • head which tilts 90 degrees
  • the line auto feeds without bumping
  • lithium battery holds power through use- no fading
  • fully collapsible
  • Lightweight at only 6 pounds
  • Has retractable flower guard
  • Has removable two wheel lawn edger
  • Uses double helix cutting line for sharper cut
  • Optional quick charger- recharges in 30 minutes
  • Environmentally friendly

The original Worx GT infomercial


Will the trimmer have the power and hold a charge long enough to do your trimming job?  What about the quality of construction of this trimmer to compared to others?

Have you tried the Worx GT trimmer?  If so, please add your review or rating of this yard product. 

Worx GT Trimmer Reviews

Review the infomercial product.

Worx GT Trimmer

Posted by Bobbie at Jul 24, 2010 06:49 PM
I have the original and I love it.


Worx GT Trimmer

Posted by Lynn at Sep 05, 2010 09:22 PM
Received it and absolutely love it. Super lightweight, gets big tough weeds & now I can actually weed eat my lawn instead of have a man do it with a bigger, gas unit.

Worx Lithium-ion Trimmer

Posted by Richard at Apr 11, 2011 07:42 PM
I have had a Worx lithium-ion trimmer for about a year and it is a wonderful tool to use. It is very light weight so it doesn't wear you out like the gas units do. It also has a wheel for trimming along sidewalks which makes sidewalk trimming very easy. I have not seen this feature on any other trimmer. I also have the blower which I find very handy all year. I use it to clean my garage. I take care of 2 lawns so I purchased an extra battery for a total of 3 and I find that this configuration will allow me to trim continuously for all day if I need to. The Worx support is excellent. I have replaced 3 batteries so far at no cost. I think that the batteries will get better as time passes. The advantages of using this tool is so great that I will buy some batteries if I have to in order to keep it running. I am very happy with this tool.

The Worx Gt

Posted by Robert at Apr 24, 2011 06:13 PM
This thing is great. Just bought it and it does what they say. Its light and easy to use. The edger wheel attachment makes it easy to edge. Love this thing. Bought mine at Lowes.

Worx GT Trimmer

Posted by Mark at May 06, 2011 06:03 AM
I wish I had come across this posting last June. I watched the Infomercial for this trimmer several times and figured this would be a great trimmer. My yard is about 1/4 of an acre. When I got the trimmer I charged the battery per MFG instructions. I bought the 18V lithium ion battery with the 30 minute charger. I got 2 uses out of the battery then it would not hold a charge. I called Worx and they sent out a new battery pack. This pack looked like it had been through world war II. I called Worx and the rep stated they reuse the cases and assured me that the batteries were brand new inside. Again, I got 2 uses out of this battery pack also. Another call to Worx and the rep stated I wasn't charging it right......WTF??? put it on the charger....light turns red....30 minutes or so later...light turns green. I see nothing wrong with that. She stated that I was leaving it on the charger after the light turned green.
Bottom line.....This trimmer is a piece of junk. I wonder if consumers report rated this thing. If they did, I hope they gave it poor ratings.

Good Luck to all the recent purchasers of this trimmer. If I could offer some advice, take advantage of the money back guarantee now while you can.

Worx GT

Posted by Roberto Jusino at May 21, 2011 05:59 AM
This trimmer is not what they show in the infomertial, the cord goes out every time you start to cut the grass. Mine is a small yard and never could finish. It's a headache. If you buy it take advantage of the 30 days and send it back. Is a piece of junk! I lost my money.