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Eden Pure Heaters

The Eden Pure space heaters are supposed to cut your energy bills by 50%.
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Now that it's winter, and TV time has become so inexpensive due to the economy, the infomercials for the Eden Pure quartz heater have really started to heat up on TV.


The makers of the Eden Pure heater tell us that we will save as much as 50% on our heating bills, or we can have our money back.  Biotech Research, the makers of the Eden pure heaters, promise that if we don't see savings on our first energy bill, we can return this infrared heater for a full refund.

How does this as-seen-on-TV space heater work?

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The infomercial explains that the heat is generated with a quartz infrared bulb, which heats copper tubes, without burning the air like other heaters do. These infrared heaters create a radiant, warm gentle heat.  Unlike traditional space heaters which act similar to hairdryers, burning the air and thereby depleting the oxygen, the Edenpure keeps you comfortable and healthy.  In fact, the heater will not deplete the moisture from the atmosphere within the house.

The commercial for the Eden Pure heater tells us that it cannot start a fire. The outside of the heater remains cool to the touch, making it safe for children and pets. Additionally, the heater-on-wheels (Gen 3 Model 1000) is easy to move around the house.

The celebrity endorsers

The Eden Pure space heater has its fair share of celebrity endorsers.  Paul Harvey endorsed this heater on his radio show. Bob Vila endorses the heater on his TV show and on the front page of the Eden Pure web site. Obviously celebrity endorsement does not guarantee a quality product. Even online reviews of a product can be misleading because many of them are paid in some way, written to encourage you to click on an ad for heaters.

Unbiased third-party ratings

Consumer Reports studied space heaters for their publication and actually ranked Eden Pure heaters second from the bottom of all of it's space heaters rated. I even read, that there were several complaints with the Better Business Bureau against Biotech Research.

With regard to saving money, Consumer Reports and others point out that you would actually have to to reduce your home thermostat by some 17° to achieve the savings that are claimed in the Eden Pure infomercials.

Not so good advice?

The Eden Pure website tells us to "Close the duct vents and doors leading to the unused rooms" which violates the recommendations provided by home heating and cooling repair companies, who encourage us to leave all vents open to help increase the life of our HVAC systems.

Typically Ridiculous Infomercial Claims

As is typical with infomercials, many claims are made about the product that are often bizarre, silly, and pointless. For example, on the Eden pure website,they offer this benefit to purchasing and using their product:

" EdenPURE heater helps you save even more by heating the objects in a room. They absorb the warmth and act like a heat bank."

This is such a silly statement considering all heat does that.  Its just basic physics!

Heater Reliability & Repair Costs

Let's assume for a moment that the heater works just as advertised, reducing our energy bills, providing healthy air, and a safe solution for pets and children. 

Some of the questions you might ask yourself are:

  • How reliable is this heater?
  • Where can I get parts if it breaks down?
  • How much our replacement bulbs.
    I noticed one person who owned one of these heaters, complained that the bulbs were $18 a piece, and that they had to be replaced in pairs.

Let's face it, this is not a cheap heater with a tv price of five easy payments of $69, plus shipping and handling. (Cheaper on Amazon ) At this price, I would hope that by heater that's going to last me for a long time. I've seen some rather glowing reviews that promise that this heater will last for 10 years or more, while typical heaters only last five years or less.

Bob Villa Endorses the Edenpure heater, but does that make it a good product?


Eden pure is currently selling two models of these quartz infrared portable space heaters. 

Heater Model 500 vs 1000

The Eden Pure Gen3 model 1000 costs about 400 bucks and heats about 1000 ft.²  The Eden Pure Gen3 model 500 heats about 300 square feet and cost about $300.  Both heater models, come with a 60 day guarantee, and a three year manufacturer's warranty.

Other then the amount of space each of the heaters heats, the 1000 model uses six bulbs or tubes, and the 500 model uses 3 tubes. The 1000 model uses three copper heat exchangers and the 500 model uses one copper exchanger.

The only other notable difference is that the 500 model uses a manual control for the on/off switch, while the 1000 model uses push button controls and comes with an IR remote control. 

It looks like the 1000 model is the only one that comes with wheels as well. If you believe the Eden Pure heater to be the right choice for you, the 1000 model looks very well worth the extra $100.

Your Helpful Review

Have you experienced the Eden Pure heater first hand? If so, please add your review, rating, or complaints about it too help other potential buyers make an informed decision regarding which space heater is the right one to buy this winter.

Eden Pure Heaters Reviews

Review the infomercial product.

Eden Pure Heater

Posted by Mr. Bob at Nov 12, 2010 06:14 AM
As a South Dakota resident I absolutley love my Eden Pure 1000 model. My electricity bill has gone up but my gas bill has dropped significantly! My heater paid for itself my first winter with it.I would recommend one to anyone living in a cold enviornment!

Eden Pure Heater

Posted by Sean at Jan 17, 2011 07:20 AM
@Mr Bob - shill?

Eden Pure Heater

Posted by Anonymous User at Mar 11, 2011 05:39 AM
I bet you don't have one or you get free repairs. This is the biggest rip off a person like you could recommend. This so called heater would be best used as an air conditioner during the summer, it blows cold air.

New Edon Pure

Posted by Phyllis Joseph at Jan 26, 2011 06:10 PM
In December we had to buy a new Edon Pure because the one we bought several years ago all of a sudden melted. We had sent for the first one and I am sure it lasted at least 6 years. The second one we purchased at our localAce Hardware Store. After not even using it for 2 months yet we get no HEAT it just blows cold air. Please tell me what to do.

My e-mail address is

New Edon Pure

Posted by dmh at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM

Not worth the cost

Posted by casey at Jan 26, 2011 06:10 PM
You get a cheaper deal at Wal-Mart. I had one, they dont last long and my electricity bill went up. I purchased a $30 dollar heater, heats fine, gives out more heat then the eden pure. It takes some time before eden pure heater, heats up a room. The Eden Pure heat goes up in the air, while the regular heaters goes outward. Eden Pure is a rip off!!!!

Not worth the cost

Posted by sdg at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
you're wrong. yes my electrical bill went up a little but my natural gal bill went down a lot. If you take both into consideration my over all monthly fuel goes down with the eden pure heater. I save $25-$50 each month. I know many family members and friends at work who use the gen 1000 all say the same thing. the $50 heaters from the discount stores use a lot of electricity and are NOT safe to leave on when you are at present. the eden pure heater is.

New Edon Pure

Posted by Anonymous User at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM
In December we had to buy a new Edon Pure because the one we bought several years ago all of a sudden melted. We had sent for the first one and I am sure it lasted at least 6 years. The second one we purchased at our localAce Hardware Store. After not even using it for 2 months yet we get no HEAT it just blows cold air. Please tell me what to do.

My e-mail address is

Edenpure Heater

Posted by Kelly at Feb 25, 2011 10:51 PM
We have had ours for almost 2 winters so far. We built a basement apartment and the first year, this was our only heating source and it was a waste--according to the btu's and the space it was to cover it should have kept it did keep the cold at bay, but not good. This year we put in a fabulous ventless gas heater and that works amazing and we used the edenpure on low pointed into the bathroom and it does keep the back bedroom and bathroom cozy.

blinking lights

Posted by sal montanti at May 06, 2011 06:03 AM
when i plug the heater in to a outlet the lights on that circuit blink. how come and why?

Eden Pure

Posted by Lynn at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
I got my first one last year. I had been freezing with my oil furnace because I had to keep it set on 55 to try to avoid the high costs. I got the Eden Pure and put it in my bedroom along with a couple oil filled heaters in other parts of the house. The Eden Pure keeps my bedroom so warm I can barely stand it. The total electrity cost was $10 more using the Edenpure and 2 other heaters during the time I'm home. So I think it works well.

Better product

Posted by Mckensy at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
For anyone not satisfied with the edenpure heater I recommend looking into the livingpure heater. I think it might cost maybe 50-$100 more but its worth paying for a product thats going to last you 20years vs this eden pure that will last you all of 5. I have a living pure and its amazing; turned my furnace vitually off and my electric bill every month is around $50


Posted by JRH at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
Not sure where this reviewer got the info or maybe this is an outdated review, but per the Eden website, there are Four different models, with the newest being the Gen 4.

Love my Edenpure

Posted by Kathie at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
I bought one of the Gen4's and it is wonderful. I have baseboard heat and was constantly having to adjust the heat because I was too hot or too cold. With the Edenpure, I turn it on 'auto' and forget about it. It heats my entire apartment (2 BR) and I have turned the baseboard heaters completely off.It keeps me cozy and I don't find cold and hot spots in the house anymore.
I haven't received an electric bill since purchase, however as long as it's not more than the baseboards, I much prefer the gentle way it heats my house.