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Xpress Ready Set Go Cooker

The Xpress Ready set go cooker promises fast easy home cooked meals that are fun to make.
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The Xpress Redi Set Go cooking appliance promises to be a pizza maker, sandwich maker, meat cooker, and cooks omelets.  This electric cooker comes with various inserts for preparing hors d'oeuvres and other snacks too. 

When you buy the cooker, you get a recipe book for Redi Set Go recipes you can prepare.  Depending on how you buy this grill, you might get a spatula , bonus recipes, and more pans.

According to the infomercial pitch, the Redi Set Go cooker can save you a lot of money by allowing you to use left overs to make quick delicious recipes as well as help you save energy by not turning on the oven.  You can even eat healthier by making great tasting food more quickly and easily with the non stick cooking surgace.

Do you own the Xpress Redi Set Go cooker?  If so, add your review or rating.

Xpress Ready Set Go Cooker Reviews

Review the infomercial product.

express redi set go

Posted by Margaret at Aug 22, 2009 06:16 PM
I just receive my express redi set go.
So far everything I tried was very good!
I was really surprised that it worked so well.

express redi set go

Posted by colleen at Sep 15, 2010 04:48 PM
Okay, so a year out from your purchase... are you still happy with it?

express redi set go

Posted by Barb at Mar 25, 2011 09:37 AM
We've had ours for about 2 years, no complaints just good and easy food, especially the omelets. My husband uses it even more then I do.

express redi set go

Posted by richard at Jun 27, 2011 10:30 AM
everything sticks to my pans and I've followed all the prep instructions. Any suggestions

express redi set go

Posted by Anonymous User at Jul 14, 2011 05:12 PM
I received my redi set go as a gift; unfortunately no gift receipt. I also followed all of the prep instructions and found that the fish, chicken and some of the omlets stick to the base pan. I used all appropriate utensils, followed the directions for preparation to cook the food and then tried to soak it clean and nothing works.
I am very disappointed and wish I had the option to return this item.

express redi set go

Posted by Fernando Sarabando at Sep 02, 2011 05:55 PM
this is a realy piace of JUNK

express redi set go

Posted by Anonymous User at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
Needs better non stick surface. If you burn anything the nonstick surface will peel off.

express redi set go

Posted by WILLIAM CASH at Sep 02, 2011 05:55 PM

express redi set go

Posted by Nan Romero at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
I've had my ReadySetGo for over year and still love it!!! Wish I could have bought the additional pans individually is my only complaint. I am waiting for a replacement timer dial the orgional one broke . . after all the use it's had it's no surprise. One of my favorite things to make is the "breakfast to go". I used the large flaky(storebrand!) biscuits, (pre-cooked)breakfast sausage(1 1/2 per side),cheddar cheese and sliced green onions. It is almost exactly like the cressant breakfast sandwich at"The King's" for a fraction of the cost.I keep the unused biscuits in a tightly sealed storage container.
I have made quite a few really cute "baby cakes" using box mixes. It makes 3 little 2 layer cakes. I keep one,freeze one and give one to my neighbors.(They love my little Ready Set Go to!
Grand kids love the little mini cakes make using the insert pan that makes the little bite sized items. The other pans I haven't used . .. found the one with hearts in my cabinet to late to use it for Valentine's Day . . . Maybe next year!!
I LOVE MY LITTLE READY SET GO!!!! I HAVE SUGGESTED IT TO MANY FRIENDS.I brought it to work the other day - made the breakfast mentioned earlier . . . she is going to order one too!
This little beauty could only be improved upon if it were only blue!! (My favorite color) but the red is nice too. . . .

Nan Romero

ready set go

Posted by debbi at Aug 24, 2009 08:16 AM
i finally yielded to temptation and ordered this product....i don't usually order things off the tv...i tend to be skeptical of the hype....but this surprised me how well it works!! thing they don't mention in the infomercial is how handy it is when you're only cooking for one, as i am....and i find that i'm not tied into just the recipes in the cooks a burger patty, pork chop or chicken breast just fine too, with less mess and more quickly than stove top cooking

the shipping bit was kind of odd...they said i was "upgraded to express shipping"...then gave me a fed-ex tracking number...but it was delivered parcel post by the post office...but it still got here fairly quickly....

ready set go

Posted by Mary at Oct 28, 2010 07:39 AM
You are one of the few who have been satisfied with this product. It looks like such a time and energy saver but many of the reviews have scared me off. Is yours beginning to peel yet? If so, how many times have youy used it. Do you always pre-heat? Maybe that's why they peel? Has yours gotten too hot when using it 2-3 times back to back if something is't cooked in the referenced time? Has the timer button started to melt? I hope that you will respond because I really am interested.

ready set go

Posted by Faye at Nov 12, 2010 06:15 AM
I've used it less than a dozen times to make omelets and hamburgers. It worked alright, but not like the infomercial. It does cook at too high a temperature. Also, the Teflon did come off. Very disappointed with the product.I should checked the Internet before purchasing.

ready set go

Posted by Donna at Nov 12, 2010 06:15 AM
Mary, I am so disappointed in this product. I bought mine through Bed, Bath & Beyond. I used it once and the timer knob melted off. I brought it back to BBB and they ordered it again for me. This time the knob melted off the second time I used it AND the non-stick surface is pealing off. I have used this TWICE. It cooks great but it is a piece of junk. Wish I knew a company that made something like it that is a better made product

ready set go

Posted by Ms. BBoop at Nov 24, 2010 05:46 AM
I've used it 7 times and I'm very satisfied with it. Nothing is melting off, and you have to be very careful with what utensils you use to not scratch off the paint on the inside. I love my pizza's and steak.

ready set go

Posted by leslie smith at Jan 03, 2011 05:54 AM
i just used mine for the first time.cooked a steak, the sufaces were so gunked up with hard crusty burnt stuff it took me several times of soaking and scrubbing. i sprayed it with cooking spray b4 i cooked it. i am very disappointed

ready set go

Posted by Janet at Jun 12, 2011 05:20 PM
I just used my express ready set go today, and was very dissappointed, I tried to fix a steak and heard a popping sound, when I went to check the top had cracked off in different places, needless to say it's going back to Target tomorrow.

ready set go

Posted by DEB GILBO at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM

ready set go

Posted by Anonymous User at Feb 25, 2011 10:51 PM
I too am very disapointed in this product. I am now on my third one. The first two started peeling with in 2-3 months. I followed the instructions about seasoning it before using, but they still peeled. the third one I have used 4 times now and it started peelng today. I do love the fact that it was great if you are cooking for one, and that it is easy clean up and fast. I thought maybe the 3rd time would be a charm but i was wrong.
the customer service department told me the 1st time that it had a year warranty, the second time I was told it only had 90 days, so I purchased a third one. Now I give up. Won't buy another one. Very poor quality.

ready set go

Posted by Jason at Nov 24, 2010 05:46 AM
I've used mine dozens of times. I bought it off tv where they had two for one special. Haven't had much trouble with the non-stick coating surprisingly. The timer on both units have melted but one still works. The most problem i have with them melting is cooking steak with no inserts - tends to put off a lot of steam and the red cover gets extremely hot; i cooked 3 steaks back to back and the timer felt like goo when i turned it. I always preheat but the only way to get the sear is to not use an insert which is what they did on the infomercial when they cooked steak. It cooks much slower with the inserts but i almost always use them - easier cleanup etc. I guess overall it's worth it b/c i haven't noticed anything else quite like it; I also have a george foreman but it really isn't as versatile. It does have quality problems though.

ready set go

Posted by Andrea Sarasin at Jan 09, 2011 07:59 AM
Yes, yes, yes. I recieved my Ready Set Go as a gift and used it to make cheeseburgers tonight. It took way longer than making them on the stove. My kitchen was filled with grease and smoke and dinner was pretty much a disaster. The knob completely melted off and the logo smeared away because it got so hot. This was my first time using the RSG! Not a fan!

ready set go

Posted by ceci at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM
YES YES YES -- this thing - the timer button broke on the first one -- TOTALLY CAME OFF AND DIDN'T GO BACK ON -- I took it back - it broke on the second one -- and! is too hot to touch. I AM this Ready-Set-Go -- I'm afraid of this thing because it gets TOO HOT! I think these things are a fire hazard when used for more than 1 thing in a row. Even doing a pork chop - it got wayyy to hot. I'm taking it back and getting my money back -- it's a fire hazard.

ready set go

Posted by Brandon at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM
After second use while cooking steak we started to hear a poping noise and then smelt electrical buring we noticed circular crack and crcks by handle, then the timer quit ticking and the nob was melted and came right off when turned.

Very slow

Posted by Chef at Aug 24, 2009 09:27 AM
Not quick.. takes too long. Cook times in book are wrong. For example, it says an omlette takes 10 minutes to cook.. really it took 16 minutes!! I could have made that in 3-4 minutes in a pan on the stove!

Very slow

Posted by Kristin at Jul 01, 2010 04:56 PM
...If it could have taken you 3-4 minutes in the pan why did you bother with it in the first place?

Very slow

Posted by CJ at Sep 10, 2010 09:51 PM
Really - besides it must be easier to keep the express than run allover the frying pan

Very slow

Posted by shorty at Sep 15, 2010 04:48 PM
I found that it was wrong about the omeletts as well as it normally says 7 minutes and took 10. Maybe it depends on what is in the omelette. So, Im glad I wasnt the only one who had to figure it

Very slow

Posted by snowpea86 at Jan 17, 2011 07:20 AM
After receiving mine for my birthday, the first thing I made was the stuffed soup as stated in the recipe book. I had the same issue of it taking 3 times as long and the food still wasn't cooked. The timer never melted, but I had to use an egg timer because it did not keep accurate time. I wish I would have looked up the reviews before asking for one - this will be returned today!

Redi Set Go

Posted by Rinny at Sep 01, 2009 08:39 AM
Review 'Chef', you said your omelette took 15 minutes to cook. How many eggs, and what was in the omelette? Did you wait until the unit was pre-heated?

I've cooked 3-egg omelettes with chees in my GT Express (forerunner of RediSetGo) and they cook perfectly in about 7 minutes and come out light and fluffy--much lightr & fluffier than when made in a pan on the stove, I think because of being enclosed.

Believe me, I'm very skeptical about informercials and I'm definitely *not* secretly working for RediSetGo, so I'm not selling you a bill of goods. If your omelette was the usual 3-egg type and you let the unit pre-heat, I'd guess there could be something wrong with the unit you received.

Redi Set Go

Posted by boobooski at Feb 12, 2011 08:06 AM
so you are saying you have not had any problems? because every post on this page is talking about things smoking and melting off.

Redi Set Go

Posted by bernadette at Mar 25, 2011 09:37 AM
I have use mine over and over. The coating has come off a little so I am a little concerned but it cooks quick. You really have to be careful not to get it scratched. But if you pre heat it then follow instructions it does a good job. Nothing on mine has melted up to now.

Redi Set Go

Posted by ann at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
This is a pile of junk, wish I had read the reviews, don't pay attention to TV ads I have found out the hard way. So far they have charged to my debit 48.00 and 19.00, no use in sending back you will be charged 14.95 for the 1 aND 14.95 for the free one. Then you will be charged 6.00 for each restocking fee. So if you buy it get ready to pay around 70.00 for JUNK.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Deanna Neeley at Sep 13, 2009 04:46 PM
Do not order this product unless you want to spend $100. Watch their web pages carefully because they are misleading and then charge you more than you anticipate for the product plus added on "free" items. They are NOT free at all! I cancelled my order!

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Nivian at Sep 15, 2009 06:57 PM
You do have to watch the web page for additional items being tacked on to your order but there is a place under each "added" item to decline ordering them. I had absolutely no problem ordering from their website and received exactly what I ordered and for the price it said. You have to take your time and not whip through the pages to place your order. Everything extra on that website can be declined if you do it right.

Non stick coating NG

Posted by Tony at Sep 16, 2009 06:59 AM
My Redi Set Go is about three weeks old and the coating is already peeling off the top. This coating is more like black paint than a teflon surface, and it bubbles up from the heat apparently and then it starts blistering. At that point, food sticks to the cooking surface even after spraying with PAM . I read on a Yahoo Forum dedicated to this product, numerous complaints by people having a problem with the coating... They send you a replacement, if you complain, but the same thing happens to the replacement.

Non stick coating NG

Posted by Polly at Sep 16, 2009 11:42 AM
Try using a sheet of foil paper as a lining. Problem solved and basically no cleanup, just throw away the foil. It's best to use foil lining from the start, it'll keep the unit looking new longer.

so called non stick coating

Posted by tasha at Oct 14, 2009 08:10 AM
i had the gtxpress101 for 1 week and the coating continued to peel off..i am going to order the readysetgo and hopefully it wont peel off..they are useless once this happens..i returned mine and hopefully i will get my $84.70 back...someone on here says to line it with foil..thats rediculous.that would mean making pancakes and omelettes ontop of foil..NOT..

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by claudia at May 24, 2010 07:26 PM
you are wrong this company is a scam they take money from your account with out you ordering anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY...

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Anonymous User at Jan 03, 2011 05:53 AM
I purchased the redi set go and after several uses the coating began too come off.I don't thinks its teflen. It appears to be some sort of heat resistant paint. Also the outside of the product gets very hot to the touch but nothing has melted yet. I purchased just the redi set go but after two months I received a series of additional food preparation ideas and was charged 9.95 for the material and an additional 4.95 for shipping and handling. I didn't think much of it and thought it was maybe something on back order from the original purchase but last week I got another package with cooking ideas and the company billed my debit card 14.90. I didn't agree to this and would never authorize any company to use my card for additional product without my approval. The material goes back tomorrow with a note that if my account isn't credited and my debit card information destroyed in 7 days I'm filing a complaint with the state of Wisconsin. The product price was low and I got what I paid for, a cheap product, poorly made, that doesn't work very well. What the real problem is their ethics by sending and charging for material never ordered. Not once during the transaction did I authorize additional products to be sent at a later date. Buyer beware on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their business practices are questionable.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Carole OKeeffe at Jul 31, 2010 12:38 PM
I am a college graduate and declined all extras. Still I was charged nearly $30 $40 or so for the two units. That's nearly $70 for two units. Ordering shouldn't be a survival of the fittest operation. The company should be upfront about actual costs and the potential for unauthorized add on costs. They are not. What they do is illegal and not the fault of the victims of their deceit.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Annie Stackpole at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
So sorry to hear this!!! I am on social security. ordered this set and aside from this falling apart they kept deduction more money from my account for things I did not order. Which is illegal. My bank gave me a number to call to file a complaint.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by annoymous at Sep 16, 2009 12:38 PM
We were charged the $100 also. We let it go because my husband really wanted it. We discarded the carton it came in and kept it more than thirty days so we couldn't send it back. When we started to get charged on our card for all those stupid cookbooks I canceled our order by e-mail they didn't answer my e-mail. Another charge was added the next month so I called our credit card co. They would not go to bat for me because I had agreed to the order. I have canceled my card after 22 yrs. that is the only way I could stop the charges. The unit is more of a toy that a cooking appliance.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Common sense ordering at Sep 26, 2009 06:09 PM
If you are being charged the monthly costs, its because you clicked "yes" for all of the additional products. "no" is under each option as well. Anytime there is an asterisk next to "yes" - it's worth the 30 seconds to read what is immediately underneath. It's not the sellers fault for customers not taking the extra few minutes when placing their orders. I dont understand the blame game here. Take responsibility for your ordering habits.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Rethink Please at Aug 10, 2010 08:45 PM
Don't assume that we all used the website. Some of us used the phone service and explicitly listened and said "no" to the extra items, but still got them and had to pay for the ridiculously high shipping cost to refund. Do not play the high and mighty "common sense" card, please :x

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Joe at Oct 05, 2010 04:04 PM
You work for the company! Nobody should have to go through a maze of additional offers nor have to read fine print to just order the basic package!!! As others have stated, it is obviously a deceitful practice that is meant to generate more revenue than the purchaser is prepared or willing to pay.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Jc at Dec 11, 2010 07:11 PM
You are absolutely wrong it is the responsibility of the merchant to be up front and not use these types of gimmicks to make additional money. the bottom line is no one would buy the extras if they were presented in a straight forth manner.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Jerena at Dec 17, 2010 02:14 PM
You have to decline all the add ons as you go. I saw the page where I could sign up for the cook books and the additional inserst pans, as well. These are clubs, and you get charged monthly if you accept them. THis is why your credit card co did not go to bat for you. You must have clicked that you would "Accept." I decliend all of these, and I have no problems. I LOVE this pan, and use it at least four times a week, often more than once a day.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Christina at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
I love the product even though the nonstick coating is terrible. I just use foil. You can buy this product at target and that is the way to go. It's $39.00 and has all the accessories. No shipping charges to pay ect.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by college student at Mar 22, 2010 09:25 PM
this is why I got mine at the "as seen on TV" store in person. best not to go through online or phone orders because you have no choice about giving them your number, and once they have that, they can drain you dry.

also, constant supervision is needed for this product. just cause it's cute, small, and toy-like, does not make it the 'easy bake oven' from your childhood. it get's extremely hot and, unless you want your food sticking and ruining the coating, it's always best to have the whole dish coated with oil first and if anything does stick, add a small amount of gress and use the provided spatula only so scrape it off.

the spatula is there for a reason, DON'T USE ANYTHING BUT THE SPATULA!!!

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Linda at Apr 10, 2010 04:22 PM
I am happy so far with this appliance, BUT, I thought they would let me try the recipe cards and get one free, but would not charge me unless I wanted to join the club. Wrong! They signed me up and charged me, which really ticked me off. So, in total I have spent $70 for what I thought was going to be around $50 (with the S & H charges incl). I doubt if I will ever buy off TV commercials again. I would rather wait until the product comes out in the store so I don't get ripped off in any way. Also, is it possible to find recipes for this gadget on the internet?? I remember one time I ordered the Rolling Ruler over TV and costs me $20. Later I saw it in the store for ONE DOLLAR!!!! That should have taught me a lesson, but that was eons ago and I forget it but don't think I will ever order off TV again. Linda

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Susie at Oct 28, 2010 07:39 AM
There are several sites for recipes - Taste of Home has a blog page
for recipes for the GT 101.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Kathleen at May 15, 2010 06:14 AM
I just bought mine yesterday at the As Seen on TV store in our Mall. I didn't get all the so called "free stuff" but only paid 39.99 and if I want found some sites with more recipes online haven't tried it yet but I at least didn't have to get roped in to a bunch of stuff and spend a boat load of money.

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Penny at May 21, 2010 07:02 PM
When I ordered mine it also asked me if I wanted the "FREE" recipie cards. I checked yes and after I placed my order I found I had joined a "club" for only $9.95! I called right away to tell them what happened and they said I had to wait 24 hrs to cancell. When I called the next day, the lady said she would cancell the "club" when I sent the recipie cards back at my expense. I told her I would just refuse the whole order and she said she would take $15.95 off my credit card and I could keep the recipies which was fine. I am not a stupid person...I can read very well...IT SAID FREE RECIPIES!!! Anyways, I have an American Express card and they stand behind me always. If I say do not pay-they will not pay. It is the only card I will use to order off the internet or TV. They had better not try to charge my credit card for something I did not order or got by "deceit" because in my state it is against the law and I WILL go after them!

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Dwight Conklin at Jul 23, 2010 05:57 PM
I was ordering the Redi set go for my wife for our Anniversary, but when I got to the end to okay my purchase online, My 39.99 product had become 178.99.. Needless to say i canceled my order.. It wasn't because of spending that much on my wife, but the false advertizing really up set me... NO thanks, I can get cheated at the gas pumps..

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Louise Cortese at Nov 12, 2010 06:14 AM
I agree! My mother (84) ordered this product and I told her to refuse all the extras! We got them anyway AND over $40 in shipping and handling! The cost of two machines! Never again!

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by Kaylyn T at May 21, 2011 05:59 AM
My husband and I really wanted one after we watched the infomercial. After we got onto the website, we placed an order and realized it would be $100 after S&H. So we didn't order it and waited a long time. Just recently I got onto Amazon and read some reviews that were RAVING about this machine. Currently awaiting for my R-S-G from a DIFFERENT company. Got it for 29.99 with free shipping (after promo code). Hopefully it works...

Redi Set Go Deceit

Posted by elmer1921 at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
I just ordered online. Can I cancel my order? After reading all these reviews I think I will stick to my regular pans.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by Trish at Oct 19, 2009 04:56 PM
I had ordered there product on 10/9/09 I wanted the cooker and be charged in
2 payments of $19.99. When I received confirmation of my order via email I
was hit with numerous other charges. Monthly pan charge, monthly news letter
charge, monthly recipe charge. I called them in less then 4hrs after
receiving this email as they did not open till 8am EST telling them to
cancelled the whole order. I in no way authorized any of these charges. I
have emails showing these cancellations. I've received a charge in my
account on 10/14/09 for $6.95 which was I was told by the company as this
was a cancellation fee my bank reversed those charges again as I was not
told of these hidden charges. Today 10/15/09 I see on my account a charge of
$51.80 and my bank states unable to block that charge if the company is
stating that they already shipped it. I called the company again stating
this was to be cancelled. The women I spoke to said yes I cancelled it but
again it was to late to stop the shipping of the product. I cancelled on
10/09 4 hours after I placed the order they state this has just been shipped
out today 10/15. I stated why am I being charged $51.80 she stated that
since I wanted to cancel the order it was converted over to a one time
payment. Again without my authorization. This started out to be a charge for
$26.98 and so far taken out of my account has been $6.95 and $51.80. I have
medical issues and my daughter is also disabled I was wanting something that
will help us to cut the cost of cooking for the 2 of us as we are both on a
fixed income. Also with my medical issues it was a chance to eat healthier.
I can't understand how they can get away with this and that no one has
brought this to the publics attention

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by carmen at Aug 09, 2010 06:36 AM
Maybe we all report this to see what happen. I just want my money back

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by Laura at Aug 12, 2010 08:49 PM
I got off ebay...1/2 price, no hidden charges, no monthly crap...I LOVE E_BAY!! Got it brand new in the box, with all attachments for $45.00. Anything you want, you can get off e-bay, cheap, no gimmicks.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by amanda at Aug 28, 2010 06:36 AM
yeah im going to get mine at k mart for 39.99 next friday. i would never buy anything off the tv. i know better lol.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by marilyn at Oct 20, 2010 12:35 PM
My husban wanted to order this redi set, I told him I would see what wan the computer and order it that way , I am sure glad I read all you're testomials, so I told him we better check out target. thanks everyone.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by Shannon at Sep 17, 2010 06:59 PM
I got mine off of I paid only the $39.99 and $6.72 for shipping. It came with the unit, 4 insert pans, 2 cookbooks and the spatulas. This way I did not have to deal with the company directly and my payment went to Amazon for the one item I ordered.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by vicki at Nov 01, 2010 10:47 AM
File a complaint with your state's Attorney General.

Lies on top of Lies

Posted by Anonymous User at Jun 27, 2011 10:30 AM
This is for all who have products delivered to them that they did not order.

Do not accept delivery. If it is being delivered by the U S Postal Service, UPS or whoever and you do not accept delivery they will return it to the sender. Since you did not accept delivery you are not liable. If it is delivered when you are not at home you must return it unopened to whoever delivered it and tell them you do not wish to accept it.

Also if unautherised charges are appearing on you you credit card you can tell the credit card company to Block all charges from that company, Remember I said "unautherised charges"

ready set go good product

Posted by markbigguy at Oct 19, 2009 05:54 PM
I purchased mine over a month ago and use it almost daily. I love it. As some other people stated you have to pay attention when you order it on the website. Like many other internet products they try to get you to buy extras. Before you finish your transaction review all the details. I have had no problems with the non stick finish coming off. I am very careful to only use plastic utensils with it and I clean it with soap & water and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Redi Set Good

Posted by Dave Smith at Oct 27, 2009 11:07 AM
I bought it, paid the $100 or so and LOVE it! I have used it for a month now with no issues with the coating. I use either a mister with olive oil or pam and only plastic. Allow to cool before cleaning. My wife and I use it every day and haven't turned on the oven or outside grill for a month. The shipping is a scam but you have to pay the price either up front or in the end. I cancelled all the extra crap and no additional charges yet *fingers crossed*. As an avid cooker with an imagination this thing is perfect for me. My wife loves the fact that I am excited about cooking again. Now if she can just teach me to clean :)


Posted by Anonymous User at Jan 09, 2010 09:09 AM
As others stated the web ordering process is tricky, you need to pay attention to all the 'free' extras which...well cost extra.

We picked out a steak recipe collected the ingredients and off we go. Turned it on, green light comes on, steak in and timer set for seven minutes. Noted the entire unit gets HOT so was very careful about keeping things away. The timer went off (very low ding), checked the temperature of the meat and set for another 3 minutes. This time it is good to go so we turn the unit off while preparing the second steak.
We turn the unit back on, insert second steak and this time set the timer for 8 minutes. Notice the unit is getting extremely hot this time. At 7 minutes it seems the unit is turning a darker shade of red but continue on. Since the meat is not done we close the lid and try to set the timer for 2 more minutes but the timer knob does not seem right. It is then we notice the paint is starting to bubble and the timer knob comes off because it has melted. We turn the unit off and pull the plug. To be fair the steaks we cooked, the onions were mostly burnt and the mushrooms were just dry.

We are obviously returning this thing as for us it is a major safety hazard. I soaked the bottom section for an hour then began the scrubbing process to clean it up. Noticed the coating was coming off so just gave up. Overall nothing good to say about this think.

Be careful…there is no user temperature controls so if the automatic temperature control fails it will just keep getting hotter.

Decieving product

Posted by Jennifer at Feb 18, 2010 05:31 PM
I got it last week and was a bit dissapointed because of the size. It seem the unit itself was bigger in the infomercial. This one barely feed one person causing my second complaint; When you try to cook with it for a second time the unit becomes too hot presenting a FIRE HAZZARD. It burned things and the timer became inoperable because it melted.
Fat didnt drip out therefore it smoked a lot. Veggies dried out or burned. Oh and the green light in my unit never worked. Very hard to clean too even after using spam. Not a good buy at all.

bad product-non-stick coating comes off

Posted by Mrs. Bryan at Mar 09, 2010 08:10 AM
I love this little thing but it just does not hold up. The non-stick coating started coming off after the second use. I called and got a replacement at the cost of $15.99 for shipping. Wasted money as the second one did the same thing. Too bad because it is a nice little appliance otherwise. I am going to call and see about a refund this time.

bad product-non-stick coating comes off

Posted by Maryellen at Jun 11, 2010 06:34 AM
You should never use any type of "Spray oil" on teflon. I t breaks it down but I guess they should have told you that.

bad product-non-stick coating comes off

Posted by jespur62 at Aug 23, 2010 04:48 PM
that's odd. in the commercial I saw, the lady uses an oil spray. Looked like a Pam can.


Posted by Linda Pebler at Mar 09, 2010 08:10 AM
I took mine back to the store. The top plate heated but the bottom plate did not or took a very long time to cook. I did the recipe in the book for stuffed mushrooms and it took 3 times the amount of time specified. I was very disappointed.

Extra charges

Posted by Gary at Mar 12, 2010 10:32 PM
Impossible to cancel the extras they send every month. Ordering this product is a big mistake. They will continue to send you extras and will not stop sending them no matter how many times you call and get confirmation that they have. You will have to go to your bank and likely be charged a fee to block them.

unauthorized re occurring charges after ordering

Posted by MzPugh at Apr 06, 2010 06:01 PM
I ordered this product after seeing it on television and how fast it prepared meals. I placed the order via telephone and was under the impression I was only ordering the machine. The package came as shown on television, but also came with additional re occurring charges that I did not authorize. I finally called in January 2010 to inquire and was told they would cancel right away (still no explanation of why they were charging my account without permission). With my busy schedule I was not able to get back to the post office to return them due to work hours and post office hours. After receiving three more packages and three more charges I called to ask for pre paid postage to return the items and to also ask why they were still charging me when I cancelled three months ago. I was turned over to a very rude "supervisor" who said there was a computer error hence the reason I was still receiving the unwanted/ unauthorized items. She said I would receive credit for the last two but no more, I asked why she said they have a 30 day refund policy. I advised I should be exempt from that due to never giving permission to charge my account monthly, she had no explanation. She said the reason it was still charging my account was because due to a system error the computer did not fully cancel me, I said that is not my problem I did my due diligence and now you all must do yours. I told her to send me postage paid envelope and I would return them she said the customer must pay for the return. I could not believe what I was hearing, first you fraudulently charge my account and then you want me to pay to have the item shipped back to you. Makes no sense at all. The product is only mediocre and the customer service sucks.

Buyer beware

Posted by trish at May 21, 2010 07:02 PM
Do not order this product. They charge astonomical shipping fees. $83.63 for shipping. I amsending mine back refused. I tried cancelling but they keep saying they have no record of it. How convenient. I will swallow the shipping, but I definately learned my lesson!!

Buyer beware

Posted by claudia at May 24, 2010 07:26 PM
yes do not buy anything from this company I bought the product like a month and a half I paid for it I got the product.. and now 5 days ago they charged me again $14.90 for something I didn't order and never got!!! I am so upset because is not nice to take money without a permission!! I'm going to call my bank to report this..


Posted by Lori at Jun 05, 2010 06:09 PM
Buy it at a store like Target or Walmart. No extra charges and you can return it if you don't like it. Walmart and Target has a 90 day return policy.

Xpress redi set go

Posted by Gadget lover at Jun 16, 2010 05:56 PM
 I ordered, the shippmet came fast, It cooks muffins very well. Day one Non-stick coating starts to come off, and timer button melts and falls off. I call to return it, and sales lady trys to force me to take a replacement, instead of return. When I insisted on returning it, I was told to throw out the machine, and send only the cook book back. I DO NOT RECCOMEND! Cathy Mitchell you should hide your face in shame!

Not non stick

Posted by Keith at Jun 29, 2010 09:14 AM
What a piece of junk. Everything stuck and no easy clean up. Plus when you return it they screw you on shipping and handling charges. I wish I would have looked at all the unhappy customers at and other websites

Not non stick

Posted by Michael at Jul 04, 2010 02:59 PM
I have gone through 4 George Foreman grills, and each time I used cooking spray, and each one eventually peeled off the coating. I bought this Redi Set Go unit a year ago, and when I bought it, I asked the customer service center, how do I prevent the unite from peeling. They advised me that I should never use cooking spray. There are properties in it that break down the coating. They advised to brush on vegetable oil, or butter ONLY! From the day I began using it, I have only brushed on oil before each use. My unit still looks exactly like the day I bought it.

My friend also bought a foreman grill six months ago, and took my advise of only brushing with oil or butter, and his also looks new- not a scratch on it.

Not non stick

Posted by Dianne at Jul 07, 2010 02:05 PM
I understand the suggestion to not use non-stick spray oil on teflon coated products. However, in her informercials Cathy Mitchell herself tells the viewers to use non-stick spray. She even sprays the cooker herself with the non-stick spray before putting one of her recipes in the cooker. I also agree that you need to review the order form very carefully if you want to buy on line, but many times future billing and repeat product shipments are automatic and the policy regarding this is hidden in the small print and surrounded by commerce language that makes it difficult for the average person to understand how to opt out. Whenever possible, one should buy these types of products from a store such as Wal-Mart, Target or a mall store that sells "As Seen On T.V." products. From all of the comments I've read here, I have decided to not purchase the redi-set-go express cooker. I wish that my decision was not based on everyone else's unfortunate experiences.

Already mad at them!

Posted by Donna at Jul 09, 2010 08:05 PM
I ordered on don't see all the shipping charges until its too late. I called and complained and they gave me $20 off. The pans arrived yesterday. The "free" one comes with NOTHING....just the cooker.
I didn't expect a double of the bonus items but I did expect the normal pans that should come with a machine.
I don't even want to try it... am sending them both back...sure wish I would have read all the reviews firs.

Already mad at them!

Posted by Carmen at Aug 09, 2010 06:36 AM
they are going to keep part of your money that is what they told me when I called them to let them know that I was going to return the product back the same day I got it

the Redi Set Go Review

Posted by John E Smith at Jul 14, 2010 07:26 PM
First off I was shocked that my wife actually watched an informercial and ordered it! However, I was familiar with it and was glad that she did. We have had it not quite a week, and I have enjoyed using it. It does work exactly as advertised. I have tried the exact same recipes that we see on tv and it works just like she says they do. The candy bar cake is great, but if you make it the way it is directed on the packaging you will have too much for the cooker, so you will have to store it in the refrigerator. Fix it according to the Redi Set Go directions. Omelets are very good, and the fried chicken recipe is delicious! We are going to have the almond encrusted Talapia tonight. Everything does clean up easily. John

the Redi Set Go Review

Posted by Eep at Aug 21, 2010 10:10 PM
How's the teflon coating holding up?

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker

Posted by Didan at Jul 24, 2010 06:49 PM
I saw Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker at Big Lot for $18 and was debating buying it. I wanted to know if this system actually worked or is it was just one more piece of junk in the 'As Seen On TV' product line. I have not been impressed with their products.

For the most part I am reading comments on delivery and pricing problems. These are certainly valid concerns. I did see a few comments about the capability of the product; problems with cooking times.

If you could buy this product, without having to order online or by phone, for under $20 would you buy it? If you have already bought it have you been able to cook with it in the way it was advertised?

Thank you for your time. Wishing you many blessings on your life journey.

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker

Posted by carmen at Aug 09, 2010 06:36 AM
No I would not buy it. I was charge for this piece of crap and arm and a leg this product is not worth it. I want to make a complain but I don't know to whom or where.

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker

Posted by Eep at Aug 21, 2010 10:10 PM
Try the Better Business Bureau.

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker

Posted by suzycreamcheese at Oct 11, 2010 07:05 AM
So far I seem to be the only one who notices HOW SMALL THE SERVINGS ARE! lIKE YOU'RE hAND. Also you don't have to pay for anything you didn't order. Keep it. If they say anything, contact your state attorney's office.

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker

Posted by Jerena at Dec 17, 2010 02:14 PM
What??? I would definitely buy it for under $20. I want to check the Big Lots near me! I saw that, too -- the complaints are about shipping, etc. not about the cooker itself. I LOVE this cooker. I use it constantly! I did have trouble with the coating, and currently the insert pants are scratched...because I keep praying stuff out with a tin untensil, so stuff does stick. The original Xpress 101 surface held up longer than the Redi-Set-Go. It did blister early on when I cooked chicken in it...the grease seemed to be related to the blistering. But, other than some problems with the surface, this pan is awesome. I can cook for one, quite quickly. I LOVE it!

Redi Set Go

Posted by Kathy at Jul 27, 2010 08:52 PM
I bought the cooker for my mother after she saw it on TV. We received one free on this particular order. First of all, they add on charges after you enter your credit card info. After several emails, I got that taken care of. My mom just called me and said she used the machine, and it is broken already. The on/off switch fell off. What a piece of junk. Don't waste your money!

Redi Set Go crab

Posted by magy at Oct 12, 2010 08:40 PM
i bought it from a week ago, i tried the pizza, its never cooked from the inside not even for 30 min. plus the timer cam off after the second time of useing it

redi set go cooker

Posted by Jan Bell at Jul 29, 2010 12:25 PM
I ordered one of these so called cookers.called redi set go. Buy one get one free. This was the biggest piece of junk I have ever purchased. I tried to make one of the easy recipes, here is what happened. I smelled something burning, I looked at the cooker and the knob on the top was melting. It had been plugged in for only a couple of minutes. I unplugged it immediately. The knob was almost totally melted. I opened the thing up and the food was burnt to the machine. I tried everything to clean the cooker and it was burnt so bad, it would not come clean. I finally put water on it. I got it partially cleaned. I used the spatula that came with it to try to loosen the burnt on food and the spatula melted. Everything on this machine that could melt, did. I thought okay maybe something was defective, I will use the other cooker. I used spray oil(even though it was suppose to be non stick), It had only been on a couple of minutes. It started to smell it. I unplugged it.The food was already burnt. ( it was a different recipe). I scraped the food out of it, and the spatula started to melt. I finally got it partially clean, and tried to make a toasted cheese sandwich. (easy enough). What a joke. The knob on top was melted again. spatula melted and everything melted that could. I had been looking forward to have an easy way to make a quick snack. I don't know how that woman that advertises this piece of junk gets a way with the false advertising. I followed the directions exactly like it said, and I am not saying anything that is not true. She needs to be investigated because the cooker is nothing like the advertisement. Then to top it off, after paying for this piece of crap and paying the shipping and handling, The credit given back to me was $13.00(yes thirteen dollars). When I saw my refund I realized the way she makes her money, is by the inflated amount of shipping and handling. I really cannot believe she is getting away with this and some people say it is a good cooker. I learned my lesson about buying anything from a t v advertisement. My daughter has a George Foreman cooker, she was using when I used this piece of junk. She had all of her food cooked and her mess cleaned up while, I was still trying to get the food out of the first cooker I was trying to use. I do not know if this is the right place to complain about this redi set go cooker, but I am warning anyone considering purchasing one of these DON'T do it. I challenge anyone to prove to me there is anything good about this cooker. I do not mean just saying it is good. I mean prove it. If anyone knows about a small cooker that does what is claimed I would like to know what it is. I am not exaggerating one bit. My daughter and myself just looked at each other in disbelief. I do not know if the lady advertising is using a different kind of machine or what but there is truly something going on with this cooker and the advertising. I strongly believe this needs to be investigated, and anyone that purchased one of these cookers needs to be refunded and this co. be put out of business. made to tell the truth about the cooker or be made to prove these cookers do as she states and I mean different ones than she uses on t v. I know nothing will be done about this, but people are being taken for their money and she continues to get away with selling this piece of crap and she has not been stopped or investigated. All I got of this a pain in the neck, a mess and a lot work to trying to clean up the mess and get the burnt smell out of my house, I was taken by these false claims and phony advertisement but it will not happen again. She is ruining it for people that actually have a good product to sell on TV but I for one will not be purchasing anything from TV unless someone I know recommends it. Thanks for giving us a place to warn other people about a product that is made so poorly, the product and person advertising should be banned from selling this piece of junk on TV. Thanks again Jan Bell


Posted by metro_mlv at Aug 03, 2010 06:47 AM
The cooking area is really small, much smaller than it looks on TV. I'm not sure how they fit the steak on it or a sandwich on it. I'm single, just cooking for myself, so that is not the issue; it's just too tiny.

Xpress RediSetGo

Posted by Glenda at Aug 03, 2010 06:47 AM
The first time I used this unit I loved it. After the first time is has been downhill. The timer doesn't work, the coating is coming off the pans. I am not going to go on as many people have already said what I want to. Don't Buy This Unit. A Complete Waste of Money. This unit should not be sold.

Hidden charges, cheap products, missing items.

Posted by Carol at Aug 04, 2010 03:26 PM
My 91 yr old, hearing impaired, parent ordered via telephone after viewing TV ad. He got shoddy products, cheap asccessory kit with items you could by at the dollar store. Was charged shipping and handling with each item on order. Charged 9.95 plus 4.95 shipping and handling for three tiny cookbooks. Was charged 19.95 + s/h for the cooking pans. Shouldn't they have been part of the cooker? Charged for an extended warranty which if the product was any good wouldn't be needed.
Was charged for items not received. When he called the customer service to complain they said he ordered it and could not cancel the order.
It boils down to this. Product charges were 94.70 and shipping cost were 45.75. They will continue to send the cheap cookbooks and charge him 9.95 + s/h for each collection.
I have advised him to contact his credit card company to stop any more charges and I am reporting them to Consumer Protection.
All this and he hasn't even used it yet.

Hidden charges, cheap products, missing items.

Posted by Marilyn at Aug 23, 2010 04:48 PM
There are many states that have special investigative units that protect the elderly from being ripped off financially. That is a real shame! I am so thankful I read these comments prior to be purchasing this unit. Thank you very much for you information.

Extremely disappointing xpress cooker

Posted by James Earle at Aug 04, 2010 09:42 PM
I ordered the xpress cooker with some anticipation as it seemed a very good answer for cooking for one or two people. The ad seemed to show the benefits of using the cooker including the reduced costs of operation. My only concern was that it didn't allow for draining of fat during the cooking process. Okay, I get the cooker and the timer switch is broken. I call customer service and the person helping me had such a heavy accent that it was almost impossible to know if they knew what my problem was. I was surprised to receive a new timer switch in the mail but it also was broken. This time I emailed customer service and the reply was that the company was going to send me another cooker as a replacement. However, the cooker was never sent. I wrote another email but received no answer. I've had to use the cooker without the timer and it wasn't long before the paint inside the cooker began to peel off. There is no way I was going to take a chance on eating food tainted with unknown paint. So, my cooker is worthless and was a waste of nearly seventy dollars. It will be a cold day in hell before I would order a piece of junk like this again. I really had hoped this would be something that I could depend on for years to come. I've been sadly mistaken.

redi set go

Posted by Rae at Aug 05, 2010 07:31 AM
I found the redi set go at K Mart and was thrilled the first few times I used it; but today while using it; I noticed the coating beginning to flake off while baking a cake. Several hours later; I decided to cook some chicken and noticed the appliance getting too hot and the timer became increasingly hot to the touch and began to slowly pop up until it no longer worked. It is now useless. I do feel this is a safety issue & plan to return it for a full refund instead of exchanging it.

redi set go

Posted by pink63 at Aug 19, 2010 09:38 PM
This product it definitely a joke to buy online. I bought two in early July, one for me and one for my sons' girlfriend as a graduation present. We have both returned them to the Shopko Express store already because, of the timer switch broke. Really, plastic switch housed into a hot unit, how stupid is that???? I will be returning my second unit because of the same problem. If you buy at a store the 800 number will not help, then again the Filipinos don't understand English and probably never seen the product to know want I was explaining. Although they did tell me about a number on the bottom of the unit that starts with a #3,(my didn't match the box) as I wanted them to report this problem and fix it with in the manufacturing, but I'm sure that won't go anywhere.!!

When I was repacking it I noticed that the product was stamped 2007, but the box was label 2009. Here maybe another SCAM!!! Be careful, I will try it one more time, but I will pull the unit out of box before leaving store to have same year on box and unit.

I do like using the unit and yes you most use the plastic ware, cooking spray, and keep clean.


Posted by H Hunter at Aug 09, 2010 06:36 AM
great little cooker for two people. use it every day. we do have one problem .... the non stick surface started comming off in little round spots. not from using any metal on it. This is the only fault we find.

this is a scam

Posted by carmen at Aug 09, 2010 06:36 AM
This is a big scam they charge you for everything. I was not happy with this product and I was going to send it back the same day I got I called c custumers service and the lady told me that they were going to keep $35.00 for shipping. I end up not send this piece of crap back. I want to report this but I don't know who can help me with this matter. I know some customers are not happy with this product please get in touch with me so we can take action on this.

Good to know

Posted by L. at Aug 10, 2010 08:45 PM
I'm glad I found this site,and I know NOT to buy this product.

Good to know

Posted by kathryn at Aug 12, 2010 08:49 PM
after reading all this, i am not going to buy this product either...

Good to know

Posted by deana at Aug 13, 2010 10:25 PM
So glad I checked this site before ordering.
Thanks for the "heads up" and I will not be purchasing this product either.

Good to know

Posted by Anonymous User at Aug 15, 2010 09:12 AM
Thanks for the reviews. So glad I read this bc I was just getting ready to order the unit and have actually already added it onto my shopping cart. I will not be ordering this since I have read this. Thanks a lot!

Good to know

Posted by Anonymous at Oct 20, 2010 12:35 PM
Thank you for ALL the reviews!!! I was going to buy it til I read just a few of these reviews!!! NOT GOING TO BUY IT NOW!!!

Thanks for stopping me

Posted by Shark at Aug 19, 2010 09:38 PM
I was just going to purchase this unit until I read the reviews. Thanks for saving me hard earned cash!

express ready set go

Posted by shelley at Aug 19, 2010 09:39 PM
It cooks things well if you're not using it long. I made the steak and potato's on it and the timer melted. I would suggest looking at your local stores to purchases this to save the shipping cost (Target carries it) and don't plan on making a meal, maybe just an omelett, corndogs etc.


Posted by paula chaffins at Aug 19, 2010 09:39 PM

Very disappointed !!!!!

Posted by Lisa at Aug 19, 2010 09:39 PM
I received 2 sets of ReadySetGo on Saturday,August 14,2010.This means 4 machines.3 out of 4 have already lost the timer buttons due to the plastic knob melting.2 of them were first time use. The 3rd one made it to the second use. Nonstick coating is anything but.Nothing is falling out of the pans even with spraying.Today is August 15,2010.It hasn't even been 24 hours yet and I'm sending all 4 machines back.My family has made 4 recipes in that 24 hours and they have tasted great. But if the timer doesn't work the machine is useless.2 of these were going to be gifts.I'm very disappointed in this product and will probably lose $140.00 in shipping and will have to close my credit card acct. after reading the reviews, just to keep the company from charging unwanted and unauthorized charges.I'm very sad that my 11 yr.old son feels horrible about the fact that he wanted this to make cooking a little easier for mom.I gave in and now he and I have learned whats going to be ( i think ) a very expensive lesson. I wish I would have web searched the complaints before the purchase.I would have never purchased.

Very disappointed !!!!!

Posted by Jerena at Dec 17, 2010 02:14 PM
Why is it useless without the timer? It still cooks food. I look at my clock and use that as my timer. Same with my oven. I have a gas oven, and there is no timer, so I just cook the food the amount of time is normally takes per item. I always insert a thermometer into the food to make sure it's hot enough, anyway...acoording to health department regulations for safe cooking temps. Sometimes, I have to cook food longer than others in order for it to be at the correct timers are kind of a mute point, in my book. This timer is too quiet when it goes off, so I don't set it. I just cook the food for the amount of time I have gotten used to the various items taking.

Purchased today

Posted by Anonymous User at Aug 21, 2010 10:10 PM
well for all of you that do not trust online or phone ordering like me, they have them at Kmart with all the "free items" for 39.99 :)

What to Do/What Not to Do

Posted by Mike at Sep 01, 2010 11:06 AM
I have to say that I am so glad that I do not order products from infommercials. I happend to see this product on TV today. They advertised the "buy one, get one free. Just pay additional shipping and handling". I thought that would be where they "stick it" to people. It looks like I was right.

Like others have said, just wait until it shows up in stores. It will usually have a lower price. I like the previous GT Xpress 101, but was not going to pay the price they wanted. Afterall, it is just a waffle iron with a facelift. One month or two ago, I found this GT Xpress 101 at Big Lots for $12.00. I grabbed it. I really like it, because it does what I intended it to do. I wanted to make food that I can "grab" quickly. I make corndogs ahead of time, in this GT Xpress, freeze them, then microwave one as needed. I do the same thing with pancake batter and sausage, for quick breakfasts. I plan on making some kind of pizza pockets next.

I am not going to complain about the negative comments on here, but why not come together and make your comments do something. Go to official organizations and make formal complaints. Maybe look at US Consumer Product Safety Commision. What about FTC. Do something, so others will not be affected. Having an appliance melt is not good. I think Consumer Reports informs about safety and recalls. You do not know if this company is going to fess-up to the problems. Didn't Toyota take a while before people heard about the problem?

Hope this helps

Redi Set Go

Posted by Max Klinger at Sep 10, 2010 09:51 PM
I ordered one of these previously and have used it several times. I decided to try the one with the removable liners thinking it would work even better. I was very disappointed. After only two uses the coating was coming off the interior. How much I ingested I do not know. I am returning them as it was a two for one special. I will be charged for my return postage according to the rules on the back of the return label. That means it will be an approximate $30 lesson. Yes they look like wonderful appliances on TV but in real life they are a nightmare.

Rip off!

Posted by Anna at Sep 15, 2010 04:48 PM
I wish I had not ordered this grill. It is already peeling off and I have been so very careful with it. Plus they keep sending , and charging $14.00 to our card for cook books we didn't order. They have send us 3 more today after we have called them 2 times. More like pamplets.I got my mom one to and it is the same thing.The shipping is horrible. I would not order anything else from this company EVER!

Where to buy. . .

Posted by Leslie at Sep 15, 2010 04:48 PM
You can get them at KMart. No shipping. No extra expenses. Check there before you buy elsewhere.

constructive criticism

Posted by colleen at Sep 15, 2010 04:48 PM
I too was almost sucked in by the infomercial today. In all fairness to Cathy Whatshername, the company probably hired her as spokesperson because she's good at it. Nobody should really think that those are her recipes or ideas. It seems like the problems are consistent and therefore, most likely true. Yeah, I could go to Walmart and get it without all the extra charges, but why would I intentionally buy something I'm pretty sure will need to be returned? I'll just have to be content with my frypan.

Sadly, it sounds like a lot of people have been taken. Posting to this site is helpful (worked for me). For the people who feel they have been scammed, I would recommend using the following to find a contact in your state.


Take it to the next level to help the next guy.

Almost Bought It

Posted by Hernando at Sep 20, 2010 07:44 PM
After reading all the comments and reviews, I decided not to buy the product. Thank you all for posting.

Almost Bought It

Posted by Fran at Mar 17, 2011 06:29 AM
I bought a brand new one at a garage sale today for 10 dollars, with 5 inserts and 5 cookbooks. The lady never used it. I just tried toasting some garlic bread. That is all I did and it was fine. The rest remains to be seen.


Posted by Tee at Sep 25, 2010 07:03 AM
So glad that I found this site, and read the reviews! Watched the demo and thought it a good product...BUT...when I went to order it, was surprised to see the shipping charges were almost as much as the unit!! No thanks, I'll stick to my "George Foreman"...never have had a problem with it in all the years that I have had it!! Go George!!


Posted by tom at Sep 29, 2010 07:00 AM
Cooked a 16lb turkey in it and came out perfect. Looking forward to rack of lamb next weekend.

wrong product

Posted by sherade at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
Had to laugh when I read you cooked a 16 pound turkey in this unit. If you would see the size of this, you would laugh too. Your obviously confused with another infomercial and different unit. Your lucky to get a sandwich in the "ready set go". Think your talking about the "set it and forget it" unit.


Posted by ann at Jul 14, 2011 05:12 PM
So funny!!!! But the unit is a pile of junk!!!! Agree?


Posted by Lori at Aug 06, 2011 12:43 PM
Are you for real? This thing can barely hold a few turkey slices.


Posted by Michelle at Oct 05, 2010 04:05 PM
I was indecisive about my purchase, but reading the reviews helped. The GT Xpress 101 was purchased, but I was disappointed with that. I thought the company actually improved on their product, and I was considering another purchase. I'm so glad that I read this site because now I'm not going to waste my time. I'll go to K-Mart, Target, or Wal-Mart, check it out in person, and then make my decision. Thanks all....

Major Fire Hazard

Posted by Stephanie at Sep 29, 2010 07:00 AM
I was never able to cook anything in this unit as my first attempt to heat up the unit posed serious problems. The green light never went on letting me know the unit was ready. It continued to get so hot that the red paint bubbled up and I kept hearing popping and crackling sounds. The unit began smoking so heavy that my smoke detector went off and I had to unplug the unit and place it under my stove ventihood to suck out the smoke. I am very disappointed in this machine as I have been wanting one for years now and was never even able to cook one thing on it. After reading other reviews of the same thing happening to others, I now realize this machine is just a disappointment all around. I think I'd be happier with a George Foreman grill or anything else but a machine that poses a serious safety and fire hazard.

Major Fire Hazard

Posted by Shannon H at Oct 07, 2010 07:02 AM
Thanks for the warning, I was really considering buying this product but not if it melts apart. And for the record I own a George Foreman and it works very well. As always, its not a good idea to use metal on it but its a reliable grilling alternative.

finish peeling off

Posted by Jeff at Oct 05, 2010 04:04 PM
The finish peeled off after about 9 months of use, but I am hooked. So I went to Kohl's, used my 30% off coupon and that brought it down from 39.95 to 28 bucks. At that price, it's a throw-away if it happens again and I will go get anothr one. And I got all the goodies with it.

Ready set go cooker

Posted by Susu at Oct 05, 2010 04:04 PM
Thank you one and all for taking the trouble to write. It seesm that anything that can go wrong did and does. I'll save my money and skip the grief.

i did not get a book or a manual with my purchase

Posted by kaykay at Oct 11, 2010 07:05 AM
i bought it at brandmart. it did not come with a book as well as with a manual
the green light does not come on.
what the hell is wrong with this thing?

Ready Set Go SUCKSSSS....

Posted by Anonymous User at Oct 11, 2010 07:05 AM
This company is all about fraud..Really this product sucks.I ordered this product and they sent be broken pieces and when I called them they said don't even refund my full money. This sucks dude..Don't ever buy from them. I used only one time and non stick coating stated peeling off.

Ready Set Go Express Cooker

Posted by CJ at Oct 12, 2010 08:40 PM
Wow!!! I just finished reading all the comments and Im so sad for all of you who have had such a headache with this product and their customer service department and yet Im so happy that I now know I'll not be ordering this so called piece of crap!!!! Even if you can get it cheaper at some store, losing all your belongings and perhaps your life in a house fire due to this machine isn't worth any discount... Thanks to all of you who took the time to write...

What comments to believe?

Posted by Jerry at Oct 20, 2010 12:35 PM
I am trying to understand how 1 person can totally brag on how GOOD the Xpress is and the next comment is how BAD it is. Are the 2 people using the same product? Just makes no sense on reading these reviews because you really dont know what comment to believe. I still dont know whether to buy the product or not, so the reviews dont help my decision.

What comments to believe?

Posted by Jeanie at Oct 26, 2010 09:39 AM
I haven't had any problem with the unit per se, it's the company that's a rip-off...if you order from TV they will continue to send and charge stuff to you long after you cancel any account you have with them. I like the unit ok, but I have 2 credit card charges in dispute now for two boxes of stuff (I didn't open them) they sent and charge to my credit card without authorization. If you must have the unit, do not order it from the it in a store!!

Redi-Set-Go Express -- Rip-Off Company

Posted by Jeanie at Oct 26, 2010 09:39 AM
I have major issues with this company...the cooker itself is ok...makes good toasted sandwiches which is about all I use it for..HOWEVER the company is the pits. Everyone who has said they add on things (and charge you for them) when they were supposed to be free is correct...they also do not give you any of the inserts for the "free" unit....shipping is outrageous, and worst of all they continue to send and CHARGE you for stuff after you cancel the subsequent orders which you didn't ask for and don't want anyway. When you return them, they charge you outrageous shipping fees and do not credit the original shipping fees. Honestly I'll be shocked if I even get a partial refund of the charges they put on my credit card....just thought, I'm gonna call my credit card company and dispute the charges! The product is definitely not worth all this "you-know-what"!!

Redi Set Go Express

Posted by Ruth at Nov 01, 2010 10:47 AM
I've had the Redi Set Go for about 3 weeks and my husband and I like it very much. Our favorite recipe is the omelette made in the divider pan. It is nice and fluffy and comes out perfect. Crisp bacon pieces are a good addition. An egg can be broken in each side by itself for another recipe and they come out so nice. I made pizza by using a piece of refrigerted pizza dough from a roll and I added pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce. It was very good. The cooker is easy to clean and easy to store. I love it. I also ordered extra cookbooks by mistake, but when they came I just called the toll free number and canceled that part of the order and they said they would take the extra cost off of my card and they told me to keep the extra books at no charge. So far, I would highly recommend this cooker.

redi set go cooker

Posted by john thornton at Nov 12, 2010 06:15 AM
After preseasoning, the cooker immediately peeled on bottom plate. Returned it to the store. Am still using the old cooker with no problems.
Brothers Redi Set Go Cooler timer knob broke after first use and resulted in the cooker overheating and burned out. He trashed his.

express cooker

Posted by steve johnson at Nov 24, 2010 05:46 AM
this is the worst product i have ever purchased i used this product twice and the first time i used it the timer broke while trying to make there corn dog recipe which did not turn out very well i have a 20.00 dollar one i purchased from k mart that ive had for 3 years that still works great and is alot bigger if i was asked by a friend should they buy one of these i would send them to k mart you will save money and get alot better product

Posted by Asia at Nov 24, 2010 05:46 AM
I am watching the infomercial now and decided to google this product. Thank goodness I found this site and all of the reviews. There are too many complaints and where there is smoke there is fire,(according to some,literally).Thanks folks!I will not be ordering.


Posted by never gona get it now at Nov 24, 2010 05:46 AM
wow I just saw the Ready Set Go on TV for the first time and thought it was amazing and wanted to buy one but now after reading the reviews i know it is a piece of junk and am glad i found out before i got it cuz i HATE to waste my hard earned money!!!

Electrical Issues

Posted by Kimmy at Dec 01, 2010 12:17 PM
I received one from my sister and it has electrical issues and they want me to pay $14.95 to get a replacement. Electrical problems would be their issue not mine. I ordered additional pans and told them to cancel that order and they wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to do that. I don't have a machine why would I need pans. Not happy.

express ready set go

Posted by Dolores at Dec 03, 2010 09:41 PM
i was excited to receive my 4 orders for christas. i opened one for myself and tried the steak receipe. the unit started to pop off shards of the top part of the red paint. i had to disconnect it because i almost got hit in the face with the shards. i am returning all 4 and hope that they don't give me hell getting my money in full.

ready set go

Posted by BevD at Dec 03, 2010 09:41 PM
I ordered two units. When they arrived, there was only one set of accessories. (inserts and spatula) I made it very clear when I ordered two units, I expected two sets of accessories because one unit was for a Xmas gift. I called to have them send the second set and they treated me like SHIT! The girl was very rude and raised her voice several times. I pretty much screamed at her and told her she was a customer service representative and to stop being so rude. She promised she would put in the order to ship me the items at no charge. I called back today to see why I had not received the order, (it's been over a month), and they claim they had no record of my call. So that bitch pretty much ignored my call and request. This girl today was much nicer and she promised she would ship the accessories out right away at no charge. Hmmm...let's see what happens. I'm going postal on them if I don't receive the items in 7-10 business days like they said.

express ready set go

Posted by amanda at Dec 11, 2010 07:11 PM
It is a fun little item, but beware the timer dial on top melted right off of mine.

Automated system

Posted by B>Skirvin at Dec 14, 2010 11:19 AM
Feel the automated ordering system is a scam.
They want you to buy several additional items, and after repeatedly
answering NO, it continued as if I were agreeing. Now have to cancel
my credit card to stop this scam. No confirmation numbers given, or
any way to cancel order by speaking to a person. Scam.

Unhappy Customer

Posted by Maria Juarez at Dec 14, 2010 11:19 AM
Well let me tell you the story, I saw the the Xpress Ready set go on TV and my son begg me to buy so I did. THey had the special promotion when you buy one and get the second free. When I called the number given i got I recording(Red Flag #1), after i order I got a never ending of offers that i was interested on after answering NO to all the extra offer they just hang up the phone with out giving me a summary of my order i was clueless of what my order was....After a few day I notice a charge on my credit card from GAI*XPRESS COOKER/RECI 800-357-9213 for $110.00. After some research I called them and asked why i was getting the charge that i amount...The customer agent was rude and told me that i has signed for all that extra stuff the i said NO too...Well I told him to cancell all the extra stuff or to cancell the Whole order. After been on the phone for what seem hours he told me my order was CANCEl. Up to this point i was relief i was like an ordeal dealing with this people....A week later i receive a BOX and guess what i was thw XPRESS READY set Go....Te next day I saw a Charge for $50 drs in my account after i call again they told me they had giving me a discount for $60drs and that $50 drs was my only and final I taugh I'll give it a try. I took one to work and started following the recepies, let me tell you it dosent work for meats they come out uncooks and for wraps is even worst well I'm totally disappointed with this product...Well last night i decided to give it onother tryied with something more easy like muffins, but when i turn the nob for the time it click and broke. Now i have a nobless Xpress system that i doesn't even work...I decided to nove the nob by moving it with a flat screwdriver all the way to 15min. I stayed next to the muffins to check on them well they were terrible they burn on the outside and uncooked in the inside....buying this item was the biggest mistake i have made this year....Don't buy it's not worth the money. I will never buy anything else from this company or any company that advertizes wonders..

failed after two times

Posted by melting at Dec 17, 2010 02:14 PM
well I purchased it at target two days ago. use it 3x eggs, sandwiches and meatballs, well during the meatballs the timers melted off? the non stick surface melted off, went to return it and was told no its been used.

called company and they offerred to replace it.

Love this product!!!

Posted by Jerena at Dec 17, 2010 02:14 PM
I use this thing about four days a week. The original (GT 101 Xpress) seemed to have a surface that lasted longer. Yes, the Teflon has peeled a little. I noticed after we cooked chicken thighs in it from raw to done (took about twenty minutes) the surface was rough, as though the grease might have seeped into it...and after that it seemed to be peeling some. But, I don't have black junk on my food (as with most surfaces including cast iron).

I use this thing A LOT. I used the original A LOT (until it got dropped and busted -- survived the first time but not the second). So, the Redi-Set-Go had come out, and I replaced the original with it. The Redi-Set-Go has the big, round surface or you can use the insert pan with the two half circles. I also got the pan with the little rounded holes to cook in...but don't use it much.

Nothing has melted down on mine. It doesn't smoke up the room or have flames jumping out (as I read the Big Boss Grill does). It doesn't set the smoke alarm off (as do my stove, oven and even my toaster). I accidental left it on all day one day (while I was at work), and there were NO bad results. The room didn't even smell smoky, and it doesn't over heat the room. Usually, I realize I left it on because I hear it make a kind of clicking noise.

I LOVE this cooker. Take corn bread mix and throw in some sausage or cut up turkey franks...cook seven to fifteen minutes (with the insert pans it takes more time)...and YUM!!! The cake mix with the candy bar in the out just like they say on TV! Also, YUM!!! The only thing I had to flip was the pancake. Not sure why. But the pancake doesn't brown on the top, so I do have to flip it. But, I can put two or three eggs on the big, round surface, put down the lid, and two minutes later, I have perfect over easy eggs (without flipping them over!). Instead of deep frying things like onion rings, I cook them on this surface (for weight and health reasons). It's PERFECT for re-crisping cold fries or reheating various restaurant left overs. Frozen fries doesn't get quite as crispy as I might like, because maybe the lid being down steams them a little. But my experience is that food turns out pretty much as Cathy Mitchell says it will. I have even layered chips and cheese in it and made quick nachos.

My only complaint has been that now the corn break sticks. It doesn't just pop right out as it used to. I do use non-stick spray, and I am not sure if Cathy shows this in the commercial. But I had better results on the eggs with non-stick spray. They hop right out of the pan. When I had the original, I don't remember things sticking as now...but I have used tin utensils on it, and so I have probably scratched it. Be sure to use only the special flipper/turner/stirrer that comes with it. I have used this thing so much (sometimes cook all my meals for one day in it), I am not really surprised the surface is affected.

I am considering the new Deluxe 101 Xpress, which has two of the cooking surfaces side by side...each is the divided round like the original had. This way, I could fry the potatoes and leave them in the pan to stay hot while I cook the eggs. I could use one of the spots for sausage as could be making sausage and eggs breakfast all side by side in this pan.

I was considering the Big Boss Grill but just read some horrific reviews of it. I had no such problems with the Xpress products. When it says you get two for the price of one, remember that you DO get charged for shipping on the second one. So, it's probably better to get if off Amazon or at a store like Kohl's.

I am surprised people had problems with it! Neither of mine gave me major problems. Buy it as Kohl's or another local store, so you can return it if you have problems. Mine have both lived up to and beyond my expectations. I didn't expect it to really work as well as on TV...but it does.

This thing was so popular in my family, that when I took it in my room to cook on, they would ask to borrow it. We commented this was the one gadget we bought off a TV commercial that we really used (didn't just sit there untouched). This is one cooking gadget I don't want to be without. It's invaluable. I am going to replace the current one, as it's just been used so much, there is some grease cooked onto the surface and the Teflon is scratched some or peeling some.

I hope this has been helpful. I definitely encourage you to try it. I LOVE mine!!!

company does not stand behind product

Posted by Anonymous User at Dec 17, 2010 02:15 PM
I loved cooking the one weekend I had with the unit. The next time I went to use it the timer broke. The plastic piece split in 2. I called the company listed in the recipe book and was instructed how to replace the "KNOB". I was instructed to heat the unit for it to come off all the way to visualize the broken "KNOB". I gave a credit card number to the "Gentleman" on the phone for a $ 3.00 replacement part, expecting it to arrive within 3 weeks................I have not seen it yet. Called the company today and now it will be a few months..........FOR A KNOB. I asked for a reference number but she did not have any information. She offered me NOTHING in service. I think this company is a RIP OFF.

Fell apart right out of the box

Posted by Whiteowl at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
Bought a Redisetgo at Target a few days ago. Took it out of thee box and the timer knob just fell off. Tried to put it back on and found it was busted from the the get-go. I liked the concept so returned the first one and brought home another new one. Haven't plugged this one in yet but I am almost afraid to. (Maybe I should try it outside on my fireplace first!!)

I'll let ya'all know how this one works out.


Posted by sherade at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
Do some research before buying anything from the TV. Check out web sites and read the comments. Then check with your local discount stores. Many carry the same products without all the surprise charges. Finally check out Ebay. They have everything and usually at half the price of buying off TV. I paid $20 plus 3.95 for shipping for mine on Ebay and it came with all the inserts, cookbooks and spatulas. Have used it half dozen times and so far no problems and it cooked great. If it does start to fall apart I'm only out $24. Never buy from the TV, because you can always find it somewhere else. I bought a perfectly good George Foreman at Goodwill for $10. :)

Reddi Set Go

Posted by Annie Stackpole at Dec 24, 2010 05:43 PM
Like many others I ordered this set, beore reading reviews...I got it and 83.00 was deducted from my account. 2 weeks later the coating on one of the trays peeled off. Then both of the control knobs fell off Then on dec 2 they tok an additional $15.51 from my account, said I ordered the recipe books (I didn't) I called and screamed customer service are extremely UNprofessional. Then on Dec they charged my account with $29.97 said it was for the insert pans I ordered (I didn't)
Listen up!!!! This is illegal! I had to change my bank card.
I called my bank and they gave a number to file a complaint. Which I have done. You can get your money back. Wished I would have checked the reviews FIRST! Maybe this will help some one else.

Ready set go cooker

Posted by Connie Miller at Jan 03, 2011 05:53 AM
I really like the cooker,But after 10 months the finish wore off. Then next the timer broke and fell off. For what I paid for it, it should have lasted longer since I only used it less than 10 times. I'm wondering if you can get replacement parts?

Save your money . . . .

Posted by Brian at Jan 03, 2011 05:54 AM
I purchesed a Xpress Ready Set Go for my own use. The first time I used it I preheated it like the directions said. When I tired to set the timer it broke, the knob had melted. I then read online reviews and found many of the same complaints. The concept of this product is great, the quality is very poor. I returned the cooker to the store I purchased it at.

I'm sorry so many of you had problems

Posted by Jerena at Jan 09, 2011 07:59 AM
I promise: I do not work for this company or have any interest invested in it. I simply like/love this little cooker. I had none of the issues all of you mentioned. So, as was suggested, get it at Kmart or Kohls or any store that will let you return it. Kohls has the best return policy that I know of (anything for any reason, as they told me when I bought the Shark Nagivator vacuum there). I think they want, last I checked, $39.99 for this item, and I am not sure if it contains the extras. I think at least it would have the turner, as it's specially made for the non-stick surface. Anyway, check it out that way with no shipping and handling and not accidently signing up for any extras. Since using the "Don't use non-stick spray, only oil or butter" suggestion, I haven't noticed the surface coming off more, and I have been particularly careful about only using the non-abrasive turner in it. Anyway, I still say, "Give it a chance."

Ready Set Go Extreme

Posted by Maude at Jan 09, 2011 07:59 AM
So far I have made an Omelette that was good and cinnimon rolls, that weren't so good. However I bought the sticky buns and tried them two ways. They need more cooking but were good. I don't know about peeling or melting. As a rule, as soon as I am done with an electronic device I turn it off. I will let you all know if any of the bad things start to happen. I got it as a gift.

fraud ready set go

Posted by Peter McNamee at Jan 26, 2011 06:10 PM
What a SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. buy one, but no pans or utensils come with the free one. thats right, they want you to spend another twenty dollars to buy the trays and spatula for the free unit. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Lets all write the station (s) to let them know whats happening so maybe they will get the info liars off the tv. there has to be someway to get off the tv.

Xpress Ready set go

Posted by LadyKay at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM
I used it the night I got it and I was able to cook 1 pork chop and when done (9 minutes total) I went to put the second pork chop in and turned the timer knob and noticed it melted and came right off the unit. Was not happy.

knob melted

Posted by natasha at Feb 01, 2011 07:05 AM
My husband bought this piece of junk for me for my birthday last year because I was saying I wanted it. When I got it I was so excited to finally use it. I made an omelet and it took longer to cook than the book said, but I was expecting that. What I was NOT expecting was the knob melting off the second time I used it while trying to make a steak!

X press Redi Setgo Cooker-Price rip-off

Posted by John at Feb 06, 2011 09:58 AM
The price was two payments of $19.95 with a free cooker. Shipping was about $15 per cooker. Inserts came with only one of the cookers. Extra inserts were sent without telling that they would cost $15. Recipe books are just a little bit better than xerox copies----again at an extra cost. After finally agreeing to get the cookers at $70 delivered, the final cost was $103 for the complete cookers.....they are realistically worth about $20 a piece. Very deceptive when the company give you a price and than adds on more to your charge card or debit card without telling you in advance.

Solutions for using the Redi Set Go

Posted by Micha Eizen at Feb 08, 2011 06:11 PM
Good news for all the people who bought the Redi set go:
We bought two of the Redi set go and when we started to use them we noticed that the non stick surface was sticking even that we followed the seasoning procedure. Then, I tried to put a parchment paper on the bottom surface and then put whatever we prepared , and wallah, no more sticking, the paper did not burn or broke even when oils and liquids from the food were present, so now I am using every time parchment paper coated with Silicon, I heard this is the best one to use, and now we are enjoying the appliance, then the timer button fell off, so I am using now the timer function in my cellphone, I still think that this appliance is a great idea, it should be made with better materials, but I want to enjoy it as it is, so I found these two solutions which I am sharing with everyone, in the future if any company will make the same idea better I will sure by it because this is very useful appliance to me. Hope it will help to cheer up all the people who have bought it like me and want to still enjoy working with it.

Redi-Set-Go Scam

Posted by Mbastan at Mar 01, 2011 09:03 AM
My father ordered a Redi-Set-Go off the infomertial. Buy one get one free for 2 payments of $19.95. They didn't tell him his total costs nor did they inform him about the OUTRAGEOUS shipping charges. Turns out that they shipped him TWO SETS for a total cost of $139.60!

$79.80 for two sets (which he didn't order 2 SETS)
$29.90 S&H/SET = $59.80 for both SETS which were shipped in one box that UPS quotes at $18

AND the "FREE" unit doesn't come with anything that the first one comes in.

Don't be fooled. These things are tiny as $hit. Useless cookers for anyone other than a single person or a couple kids. Which is why they probably ship them in sets.. cause they know that the first one isn't big enough to feed anyone. I wish my father had consulted me prior to ordering this piece of cr@p. Thats old people for you. The company never sent us a receipt nor did they include a packing slip. Obviously intentionally. I emailed them and requested a receipt since they never included a packing slip and they replied with tracking information. So I told them that I wanted a RECEIPT and I never asked for tracking info since obviously as I said, the package had already arrived without the receipt. Followed my a demand for a RECEIPT just to make it clear. Then today I received another reply by someone else stating, "As per your request, we are sending you the breakdown of your order for your reference". This is clearly not a receipt though, and I don't remember asking for a breakdown of my order. WTF is wrong with this company?!

We'll be calling the credit card company and reporting this, since this is not what we ordered. It's a shame that my father is probably going to lose on the $30 shipping for the one he did order though and also the return shipping. The GT Express / Redi-Set-Go company is a SCAM. BEWARE! There are tons of other online complaints about outrageous S&H, a "defective" forceful automated ordering system and other BS orders.

ready set go

Posted by Anonymous User at Mar 01, 2011 09:03 AM
this product works so well.
it cook meat perfectly and evenly and it the timed recipes in the book are spot on, i use it more than any other appliance in my kitchen.


Posted by S at Mar 11, 2011 05:39 AM
I am so happy I read all these Reviews. I was just about to purchase this product for me and my Dad. He lives alone and don't cook alot so I thought this would be perfect for him. But it looks like more headache then it is worth. I don't want my father cooking with something that is crap and a potential fire hassard. I'll look for something that is actually made well and does what it is intended to do...not peel and melt the machine.

Just bought this

Posted by Heather at Mar 25, 2011 09:37 AM
I bought this product yessterday at Kohl's. It was on sale and only cost me $14.99. I have seen it on tv and always thought it looked cool, but I wouldn't have bought it for regular price...but $14.99 seemed worth a try. I only used it once, last night, and made meatballs from ground beef. It took way too long to cook and the inside of the lid never came quite clean. I'll try a few more things in it before I make my decision on to return it or not. But just wanted to put the word out there that you don't have to buy it for $40 when you can get it at Kohl's (and probably other stores) for way cheaper. And returns at Kohl's are no hassle if I end up having to return it. ;)

Just bought this

Posted by ann at Apr 03, 2011 11:10 AM
i love it if u took time to spray your cooker with a little pam it would do just what they said it would. its going to cook fast it cooks on both sidesat once


Posted by Crystal at Apr 03, 2011 11:10 AM
I bought this at Kohls for around $40. There are definitley some pros and cons with this item. Ok, so let's start of with the pros. This is great for people who only need to cook for 1-2 serving. It gets the job done and it cooks the food great. I usually cook steak, chicken, and porkchops and they all cook just fine! Faster than cooking on a stove or oven. Now for the cons. The timer on my Xpress does not work. After 4 or 5 uses, the non-stick surface was starting to peel off. The red lid started to blister. Overall, I'm ok with this product. Improvement can and should be made.

Xpress Ready Set Go Cooker

Posted by Terry Farnsworth at Apr 11, 2011 07:42 PM
Cheap, cheap, was great in the beginning, then the teflon started to come off, & even after spraying it, everything was sticking & such a mess to clean. They began sending recipes & other "pans", which are very cheaply made, bend easily & shed teflon, it took me quite a while to get them to stop charging my credit card & sending me items I hadn't ordered. A year after ordering it, I've tossed it in the garbage. What a waste of money on a poorly made item, the idea is wonderful, the reality is anything but.

timer button

Posted by adrianna at May 21, 2011 05:59 AM
Mom bought this at kohls last weekend and it makes woderful steaks. On day 2 she called me and told me the timew button had melted off. -.-! Returning it this week.


Posted by justa at May 21, 2011 05:59 AM
i am actually so glad i read all these because i wanted one really bad but im not gonna waste my money n take the chance of all these things happening! so thanks guys!!!


Posted by Dissappointed Nana at May 28, 2011 02:43 AM
What a dissappointment. I bought it but didn't use it for three months. The knobs broke off even before I used it. Now I cooked a hamburger and it started making popping noises. The lid bubbled up and cracked. I have only used it twice.



Posted by Jennifer at Jun 05, 2011 07:36 AM
Yes...this is a huge dissappointment!!!! Just received the RediSetGo this afternoon and seasoned it as instructed in the manual. Before using it, I was already dissappointed after being notified by my bank that a charge of $99 was deducted from my account...wondering why this amount??? I was told by the company that the unit would cost 2 payments of $19.95 and $14.95 for S/H per unit. I declined verbally "NO" to all additional offers they were trying to sell me. Called the 1-800 number but got a recording; called a different 1-800 and was told to call another number...never getting a hold of any actual person as of yet. Like I mentioned, I received the RSG this afternoon and found the shipping receipt which described the charges...quite confusing because the S/H charges were not what was told to me at the time I placed the order...totally outrageous!!! Also, I did not order the extra pan set and was charged for it. I decided to atleast give the RSG a try and maybe it would all be okay (I was in denial to the fact that this company already scammed me). I seasoned the wells and tried one of their recipes "Tuna Puffs". The timer didn't work right from the get go - so I timed it using my egg timer. Recipe said to set it for 7 minutes...but even after 20 minutes it wasn't cooked all the way.
I wish I had found this site online before making this purchase. I will continue to try to get a hold of someone from this company for a refund...but as I have read from others that this can also become more complicated than I would ever imagine. In addition, I think the wisest action I should first take is to get with my bank and ensure that no other debits are made from this company...and that's not free either. Pretty expensive cheap product!!!!! So whoever is reading this...DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING THE REDI-SET-GO whether by phone, online, Kohls, Target or anywhere else they may be selling it at. This has taught me lesson and I hope it has helped you too!!!!

Speeds redi set go

Posted by Anonymous User at Jun 05, 2011 07:36 AM
interior cooking surfaces impossible to clean, despite cooking spray. Timer knob stopped turning/working after 5th use. Smells overheated for 10 minute use and exterior lid turns dark red as it heats. Even the nonstick inserts stick when cooking spray is used. Bought at Target on clearance.

Piece of Crap

Posted by Joe Warner at Jun 22, 2011 08:26 AM
We bought 2 of these items and used them for 2 weeks. The paint coating has chipped off in chunks and the tefflon on the cooking side of the lid has bubbled up from the heat. That's just the problems with the unit it self. This company has decided to bill my credit card every month 24.95 for a discount on travel, car rentals and hotels that I never asked for. When we call to find out about this they hung up on me. We called right back and now they want to send a a form to fill out in order to cancel the debits to our account. In our experiences whith this company and it's product has been thumbs down for both the quality and thier shady business practices. We will continue to post this everywhere untill they decide to make it right.

Piece of Crap

Posted by ann at Aug 06, 2011 12:43 PM
got that right!!!!

xpress set go

Posted by unhappy at Jun 22, 2011 08:26 AM
this is worst and cheapest junk

ready set go

Posted by dan at Jun 27, 2011 10:30 AM
Absolute waste of money. Lid broke after a few uses, non stick surface sticks to everything. Timer melted, this is worthless junk.
Accessories are cheap tin that bends as you use it. They should name it ready set throw. Threw mine in the trash.


Posted by ann at Jul 14, 2011 05:12 PM
Received my Ready Set Go last week. I think it is a Big Laugh! Trouble is I'm not laughing. Break down on how much it cost, so far 49.85 has been taken from my account, called co. said 19.00 would come out next month. Making the total near 70.00. I ask why? For the 1+1 free, it's 39.95, 14.95 + 14.95 for the free one, that's for shipping. If I return these I will not get shipping back and 6.00 will be taken for restocking for each, so why return them? As far as I'm concerned I just gave them 42.00 and I could have gotten this from for 37.00. Beware, It is not worth the price and they will have your bank account #. Wish I had read the reviews, I told my hubby for us to not order anything from TV again.

Xpress Ready set Go

Posted by Debra at Jul 14, 2011 05:12 PM
I have been wanting one for a long time I was given the second one a friend got withe get one free New in box never open... never used until i tried it today..... the free one must be second's, rejects, broken not a thing works. That why they are giving a way free... non stick HAHA it stick on every thing you try dosn't cook like the show on I read every page

redi set go express

Posted by joyce at Jul 14, 2011 05:12 PM
yes, i should have looked up the reviews. i am very disappointed with this item. it does get extremely toooooooooo hot for such a little product. the hamburger i put in it was not done on the top and i heard a pop sound thinking it might be the grease from the burger. no it cracked and poped a small hole in the top of it, and it was terribly hot, it took an awful lot of time to cool off. never never buy this item, if you have children they could be severly burned. the handle on the additional inserts gets terribly hot. it will never be a george forman grill i have a george forman grill, it is worth its weight in gold. no comparison with this product. don't buy it. a complete waste of money.

express ready set go cooker

Posted by diane gilley at Aug 06, 2011 12:42 PM
On the second use, the outer red paint cracked and peeled, the temperature was too hot (with no control setting knob), food sticks and burns even though it is seasoned and sprayed. I have never ordered a countertop appliance off TV before, so once is all it took for me. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS PRODUCT. REALLY A WASTE OF MONEY.

Ready Set Go

Posted by Debbie at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
Be careful! I just receive my order and they charged 39.95 shipping and another 39.95 S & H. I paid that amount twice. My total came to 119.70 for the whole order. This is not what they said on the phone. When I looked tonight at how much it would be to order online, the total was $69.80. I've been taken and I trusted them. I guess that is why I never ordered from TV before. I was afraid that would happen.

Don't buy from the phone number on tv. If you want one, don't buy from the company. Amazon has it cheaper and they are trustworthy!!!

Very disappointed

Posted by Veronica at Aug 21, 2011 05:18 PM
I got mine 3 days ago, we used it to make eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches,they came out great and fast, but for dinner time the situation changed. I cooked boneless chicken breast, sprayed the pans and the chicken. I used the spatula that came with it at all times. The "advanced non-stick" surface didn't work, my chicken was burning on the top,it was stuck to the bottom and upper pans. It took 15 minutes to cook my chicken. The painting swelled and came off in some parts inside and outside of the machine. The timer came off and it kind of melted on the inside. It was one of those "mission impossible" to clean the machine. I guess its good for "small things" like breakfast that don't require much time or else you might catch fire with everything melting. I am very disappointed with the product... and I am ready to send it back.

Ready-Set-Go - K-Mart

Posted by Anonymous User at Sep 02, 2011 05:55 PM
I was so impressed - really beguiled by the product, "As Seen on TV". This company brilliantly advertised this applicance - using a homespun All American Mom type like Cathy Mitchell. She makes it look so quick and easy, as well.

It was fate, though, that I found this "miracle cooker" at a local K-Mart.

After bringing it home, I never unpacked it - but I read the "instruction book" and noticed the miniscule amount of recipes. I felt that "something was rotting in TV land" and the online reviews confirmed it. About 99% of them were extremely and explicitly negative. I was stunned by the reaction. It is one of the most wretched products in America. Thus, I returned it
K-Mart and received a full refund.

I learned a lesson - do your research! Morevoer, don't trust those "infomercials" and ordering on the phone or online. If it is too good to be true - it probably is.

xpress cooker

Posted by janice at Sep 10, 2011 09:08 PM
on the 2nd time of using it, the timer broke. I found i had to cook things longer than what the cook book said. the cake was good. omlette good. i took it back to k-mart.

:) happy

Posted by Mary Aurelia at Sep 10, 2011 09:08 PM
I have two and several pan inserts. It is great! I always spray coat it to preserve the teflon. It is a very practical item ideal for a single person or preparing for a smaller group of people. For work it is great to whip up a meal and save money going out. I would recommend this item for dorm students or those living in restricted quarters.
My children and I enjoy coming up with creative fun meals in the variety of pans.So it adds the concept of the nostalgia of the easy bake ovens.
I would not plan on operating it like an industrial food maker that is designed to withstand continued heat. This appliance can be fun, productive, and efficient! We enjoy ours. I have shown others how it benefits me time wise and economically; while still eating healthy.

ready set go

Posted by charlie at Oct 10, 2011 10:12 AM
This is a piece of junk. Cooks omelete fair, does not close even front is raw and back is ok. have to cook it twice as long as recommended. Sticks and just is a waste of money. Better off using a pan with a lid. BEWARE

ready set go

Posted by Susan at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
Love this! While it is true that stuff can stick and the coating comes off, I have started lining the bottom with a small piece of foil. This saves me from a lot of clean up mess and allows me to still use the cooker even though the coating is coming off. I have found it to be highly cost-effective and beneficial to me since I am single and live alone. Before, my fridge was overcrowded with stuff I did not want to eat several meals off of and I ended up tossing leftovers to the neighbor hood animals. Since you really cannot "fry" foods, it has also made me eat healthier. Love this product and will keep lining it with foil and using it till it doesn't work anymore. Then I will get another one! :)

Xpress Cooker BOO! Waste of $$

Posted by CMoss at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
Timer broke after three days of use. The grill exterior burnt me and started to peel off. What a waste! Unfortunately I will be tossing the unit in trash! I used the grill per directions. Not worth returning due to shipping charges. Steer clear of this item. If there were a rating less than 1 I would give it a negative 100. I wish it worked as advertised. Purchased directly from infomercial. I am going to as many sites as I can find to let other consumers know NOT to purchase this product.

Ready set go

Posted by Lar0012 at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
Ordered this for potential xmas present for my Father-in-law, tested it out (pizza and baked potatoes) and everything we tried burnt on the bottom. The non-stick surface was difficult to clean, tried to return it and by the time I pay for the shipping and handling, it was cheaper to keep it and I'll donate them. I do not recommend this product.

Redi Set Go Complaint

Posted by R.N. at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
After seeing a sales promotion of the Redi-Set-Go on tv, my elderly father ordered one over the phone and used his credit card to pay for it. (He has never done anything like this before.) We had the same experience as is being reported by so many others in this site. For those who are new victims of this (scam) company, you can learn from our family's experience.
Don’t even bother calling the company. It will do no good, and you will have no proof of what was said. (They will deny everything you say.) As proof to your credit card company of what you did, notify the GT Xpress Company in writing:
• that you did not order the items (they already know this)……make sure to specify which items were not ordered as they send several before you even receive your first credit card bill
• that you did not authorize the additional charges to your credit card
• that you are enclosing the returned items with the letter (your credit card company will want proof that you returned the items…the letter and a copy of the registered receipt from the post office will confirm it)
• that you want the unauthorized charges reversed
• make sure to tell the company ‘to not send you any more unwanted items and to not make any additional unauthorized charges to your credit card’ (again, this is important for your credit card company to see)
• Most importantly, send all correspondence ‘registered mail’. (This is proof to your credit card company that they did receive your letter and the returned items. GT Xpress will deny it, but the registered receipt is proof because someone at their company has to ‘sign’ for it before the post office will give it to them.)
• Also, make copies of ‘EVERYTHING’ you send, including the ‘receipt the post office gives you for mailing the letter’ and the ‘registered receipt’ signed by the company after they receive the letter/returned items. (With each new charge that you dispute, you will need these copies later as proof to your credit card company of what you did.)
• Last (and I wish I had known this in the beginning), when you receive an unwanted package from the company (and you will), ‘DO NOT OPEN IT’. Per our Post Office’s recommendation, do not open the unwanted envelopes. Instead, write on the front of the envelope, ‘Refused Delivery – Return to Sender’. Make a copy of the front of the unopened envelope as proof of what you did (showing the words on it) and drop the unopened envelope back in the mail. (As long as the envelope/pkg. has not been opened, it will be returned to the sender at no cost to you. If the envelope has been opened, you will have to pay for the postage to return it, plus have it returned registered mail so you have ‘proof’ that it was returned.) The company denied they received the two unopened packages that we returned this way, but I had proof (copies of it) to give to our credit card company (along with the original letter instructing the company to stop sending the unwanted items).
Also, file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Colorado Attorney General’s office and the Colorado Better Business Bureau (Denver, Colorado). Even though the products are shipped from different points in the country (in our case Ohio), the company is actually based out of Colorado. (Gaiam, Inc. and GT Direct are one and the same company.) There were 652 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (Denver, CO) against this company, and the complaints are filed under GT Direct. (In my final correspondence with our credit card company, I included a copy of the Better Business Bureau report.)
    GT Xpress will deny everything you have done and said, so it is important to have a ‘paper trail’ as proof. Maybe other credit card companies are more protective of their members, but our credit card company wanted proof of everything we said we had done before reversing the charges on my father's credit card.


Posted by g at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
Do NOTTTTTT purchase this......first of all, when ordering on line, and it says you get the bonus items, it seems that you should get those for ALL the
redisetgo units that you receive. That is NOT the case, you only get them with the units that you paid for, the bonus units that you get, come with NOTHING ELSE> Very deceiving advertising. I was SOOOO stupid as to not have looked on line for reviews first, as, even if they take them back and refund your money, you are out the $15 PER unit for shipping and handling that they so absorbently charged you up front now I have 4 units, and returning them is still going to cost me $60 PLUS my return shipping costs. What a SCAM!!!!!!!!


Posted by Anonymous User at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
Do NOTTTTTT purchase this......first of all, when ordering on line, and it says you get the bonus items, it seems that you should get those for ALL the
redisetgo units that you receive. That is NOT the case, you only get them with the units that you paid for, the bonus units that you get, come with NOTHING ELSE> Very deceiving advertising. I was SOOOO stupid as to not have looked on line for reviews first, as, even if they take them back and refund your money, you are out the $15 PER unit for shipping and handling that they so absorbently charged you up front now I have 4 units, and returning them is still going to cost me $60 PLUS my return shipping costs. What a SCAM!!!!!!!!

love it

Posted by Christina at Dec 02, 2011 10:04 AM
This is a great product. It cooks wonderfully. Easy for kids to use and fun. There are some issues however. I am on my second one already because the teflon coating is terrible and starts to peel off quickly with regular use. Also the timer went bad in both of mine. Instead of buying a third, I have just lined the bottom with foil and I use my microwave kitchen timer. Still works great. Just had a toasted burrito for lunch. Yummy. I have cooked salmon and chicken perfectly. The company would please a lot of people if they would improve the nonstick coating and the timer issue. This is such a great product that I would definately pay the premium for such improvements.


Posted by Ted at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
I purchased one of these units, almost burnt my house down. Was using it as directed, smelled plastic burning, went into kitchen and found the bottom had burnt out of the unit and was burning my counter. I contacted them, they sent me new unit and stated send estimate and they pay for counter. Submitted estimate for counter and one year later, still nothing from them. The new unit, the teflon is coming off and the timer don't work now, so I would recommend finding one made by another manufacturer.


Bought mine at yard sale for $3--works fine

Posted by lcarver at Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AM
I was hesitant to buy this product after reading complaints about malfunctions and high return fees so I "just said no." Last week I went to an estate sale and saw one on a table for $3--brand new, with two inserts, and cookbooks. Receipt for $69.90 was still in the box. I have used it twice and it works great. I fixed chicken cordon bleu, and something else--no problems--yet. Glad I went to the estate sale.