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Kreg Jigs

The Kreg jig master joinery system promises easy, strong, wood joinery for your woodworking projects. Does Kreg deliver?
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The Family of Kreg Jigs: Review of the Kreg K4 Jig

The tool manufacturer Kreg has taken pocket-hole woodworking joinery techniques to a new level with a family of jigs, which minimize set-up hassles, take the guesswork out of calculating angles and drilling depths as well as eliminating gluing in woodworking projects and furniture repairs.

The Family of Jigs
Kreg Tools offers several different jig models. The Kreg Jig® Mini (MKJKIT) is excellent when the smallest jig possible is required. There is no reference fence so manual material thickness adjustments are required. The Kreg Jig® Jr. (R3) is exceptional for basic home repair plans while the Kreg Jig® (K4) is the choice for home hobbyists and beginners in pocket-screw joinery. However, the Kreg Jig® Master System is the ultimate pick for any woodworking enthusiast. It combines the best of pocket-hole woodwork joinery techniques with adjustability, outstanding capabilities and front-side support stops.

Kreg Advantages
Having purchased the Kreg K4 Kit after watching an infomercial and reading reviews, two advantages are clearly apparent. First, the hole is at an angle, which strengthens and enhances the joint. Secondly, the pocket can be placed in an inconspicuous site where it will not be visible in the finished project. It also eliminates the need for biscuit joiners, dowels, and glue. The promise of “Drill, Drive, Done” touted on the infomercial was on point and accurate.

The Jigs Disadvantages
The self-tapping screws are expensive but easily found at home improvement stores. Sometimes the angles of the Kreg pocket jig are too steep for the pockets. There can be some shifting and breakthrough unless the wood piece is properly clamped down. It can be slow at times when drilling through a thicker than normal piece of lumber.

K4 Jig System Features
The K4 came with a heavy-duty case to keep it all organized and a instructional DVD which takes DIYers through setup, use and 10 chapters of skill-building techniques to complete projects such as picture frames, tabletops and common furniture repair.

Other features include:

  • The Pocket Jig Body that is best described as a clamping vice.
  • Drill Guide with a combination of holes and spacing, which can be set up for the width of the lumber.
  • Drill Bit with Depth Collar and Allen Wrench with a molded trough for setting collars.
  • Drill Guide Spacer Block for repair jobs and automatically position the jig to drill holes for ¾“repairs.
  • Toggle Clamp, which uses an adjustable lever/piston/pad to hold the wood securely in place while drilling the pockets.
  • 6” Square Driver Bit for installing the self-tapping screws. Stripping is virtually eliminated with the square head screws.
  • Screw assortment in an array of sizes for beginning projects.
  • Plastic Caps and Solid Wood Plugs used as access covers or decorative touches on a finished project.

Overall, this is an excellent product from Kreg. With the family of jigs, there is enough versatility for every woodworker to find the right jig for their projects. Kreg is well respected in the industry and is well known for excellent jig products such as the KREG Deck Jig. There is little wrong with the Kreg pocket jig and it is highly recommended.

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